Help: My friends are bored, but I'm not

My friends don’t want to play PvP, and I dislike it also.
But I have a blast playing the PvE and doing all the challenges and lore.
We are very close, and I prefer to play with them instead of making new friends :slight_smile:

There is a lot of replay value from the player side, 27 batlleborn, a lot of gear, helix unlocks, lore, challenges, …
But in PvE, you always fight the same enemies, the same maps, the same difficulty. (and hardcore doesn’t change that anything, just less forgiving)
But I got the feeling gearbox isn’t going to invest a lot of money/effort into making more PvE missions. We liked Borderlands, that felt like an endless array of quests and missions and enemies.

So has anyone any suggestion how I can keep the game interesting for my friends? Or should I just accept it, and stop bothering them?

Like certain character combinations or characters in missions, that give some unique voice lines or fun teamwork.

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You read about the DLC Operations yet?

They’re new PvE missions, and the whole “gimmick” with them is that the storyline changes, objectives change, challenge level increases and loot rewards increase on each subsequent playthrough.

It’s basically the solution to your problem. Problem is, they’re not here yet. “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion,” has been slated for release pretty soon, my hope is we might even hear something about it in this week’s Battleplan.

So help is on the way for the bored PvE player.



you just made me an overexcited 12year old schoolgirl.

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If it helps in the meantime, enemies are randomized so you might just get thousands of Brutes! Also, a little help @Ganjamira ?

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@My_Goldfish if you like I can now close + unlist your topic, just give me a word and I will use my Forum-bending powers to help you :slight_smile:

PS: I´m really excited fo the upcoming PvE-operations! Finally want to see the LLC-fleet.

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@Ganjamira This actually may not be a bad topic to keep listed. Others may feel/think the same way, and if what @CharacterIV said is accurate (I have no reason to believe it isn’t, I just haven’t checked myself), I think people would be happy to read it. I personally didn’t know about the things he mentioned.



I will change the title

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I’m happy to have delivered good news, then, to both you and goldfish, @abobcolypse.

The old Battleplans mention it, as well as the first DLC update from about 3 weeks-month ago.

Behold, my link-Fu.

Relevant quote:

The first DLC Story Operation features Attikus and his twisted recount of the thrall rebellion he led to overthrow his Jennerit oppressors. Each DLC Story Operation is a highly-replayable scenario featuring one of Battleborn’s heroes. Each time you play through an Operation, the story, enemies, and objectives will change, increasing the difficulty but also the rewarded loot.

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I had read that at the time, but I took that to mean:

Story: Currently, depending on the character you play, you will sometimes get different dialogues. It doesn’t exactly CHANGE the story, but at the same time, it does, if you know what I mean.

Enemies: Currently, the enemies that spawn are rng. Sometimes in Algorithm you’ll get 7 ronin, sometimes you’ll get 3 elite bots. I just figured that meant more of that.

Objectives: I took this to mean like the challenges that there currently are (kill 40 swarmers in one minute). But “challenges” and “objectives” could easily be separate things.

I mean, for me personally, it makes no difference. I enjoy the game, but that was my understanding of that quote when I read it.

I like your understanding better :grinning:

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It’s good points you make, but I also hope I’m right.

It’s hard to know exactly what will be up with these Operations. We don’t have a lot of detailed info yet. Some people still speculate that Attikus will be required to be played because he’s “the featured Battleborn.” Personally, I just think that means he’ll be narrating.

It’s my expectation that the “different enemies” will mean more than just RNG changes. But I think that’s also based on the “objective changes.” Maybe the first time through you’re running an Escort against Thralls, and the second time through you’re running a Raid against Varelsi. The map would be the same, so it leads me to believe these will need to be big, diverse maps to adequately contain multiple modes and permutations of missions.


I’m liking everything your saying.

I also agree that no one will NEED to play Attikus. I suspect it will be him narrating, which I believe I will enjoy.

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I think it’ll also be with him, a la Renegade/Archive/Experiment.

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A bit unrelated, but how is Battleborn without friends? I still haven’t gotten around to buying it, but I’m more interested in soloing the PVE campaign and other PVE missions than PVP. Is it worth it?

Solo campaign is doable, but can be brutally difficult with certain characters.

As much as I want new players, it’s worth mentioning that there are only 8 PVE missions (at the moment), and each takes between 30 mins to an hour.

I rarely do it solo, but it’s not like you need a mic either. I usually just hop into matchmaking and play. If you have a mic, you can talk, but it’s by no means required. A mic does make pvp easier.

Not sure if this helped at all…

If you like GBX’s style of humor and story telling, it is. If you are a loot hound, it is. And here is the kicker. After all that PvE’ing you may discover that you love PvP. It happened to me. I didn’t see it coming.:smile_cat:

Buy it on sale. It’s insurance in case you don’t like the game. It has a learning curve and if you don’t have the patience to get your head wrapped around it it may turn you off.

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Hell, I’ve made friends with this game. I never really got in to online gaming, despite loving couch co-op with my pals and social tabletop/RPG gaming.

But with BB, I just jumped into matchmaking queues, mostly story stuff, and it was easy to be sociable. I played well, so players friend requested me for the purpose of future runs. I’ve found some good folks to run with and Battleborn is MUCH better as a team sport, IMO. If you adopt a team player mentality in PvP or PvE, you’ll find the right kind of people who appreciate it.

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