Help, my game is crazy

(Robert) #1

Guys, can you guys help me?
This is happening from level 50, I can equip weapons and equipment level above which I am, I am not using unofficial community patch or cheat engine.

(Is this thing on?) #2

Did you co-op with anyone just before this started happening?

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(Is this thing on?) #4

OK, then it’s possible that, if they dropped gear and you grabbed it, that the gear might have been less than legitimate, and this has now affected your save file.

If you happened to have a backup on USB from before this, you could revert to that save version. Otherwise, not sure what you can do. Perhaps look through your inventory and drop anything you know you didn’t have prior to that, and see if things revert to normal after a save/quit/restart? (You’d obviously lose those items in the process.)

Since you are on PC

there are… other fixes, which probably shouldn’t be discused here and I shall deny ever having mentioned their theoretical existence should anyone ask, but maybe one of the knowledgeable regulars cough @Jefe cough might be kind enough to PM you or message through steam or something.

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I don’t know how to take that :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I have nothing to offer unfortunately. I believe you are bang on in your assessment and since I’ve never had to deal with such shenanigans, I’m not sure what the fix would be.

However, I’d love to know if that Heartbreaker was dropped by another player or if your game is so completely broken that it gave you an OP2. If the former, simply ditch it asap and hope for the best (the game can still drop gear one level over yours that you can test).

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Okay, I already reached that level, but that weapon was not dropped by another player, it was through shift codes.
Thank you anyway. :sweat_smile:

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Sent you a PM :grinning:

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My main issue with it is whoever manufactured that Heartbreaker is a moron… Bandit grip!? :rofl: