Help! Need reference pictures for a Sculpture

Usually I´m not the person to write such topics, but I´m quiet desperate after 5 hours of searching the web -
I need a picture of Mikos mushroom cap when its thrown and already standing in the area.
Currently I´m in the middle of sculpting a big sculpture of it, but I only found a picture where it was rendered, and I need to see the thing while its active and casted…

All videos showing gameplay I watched so far were far to blurry and had nothing in what I was looking for, but I´m open for video suggestions too^^

:mushroom: Would really appreciate any help! :mushroom:

This might help…

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:slight_smile: Just rewatching this one the third time and searching it for needed reference - thank you very very much for your post though! :heart:

The Battleborn announcement trailer had Miko throwing it’s head in slow motion. That might help.

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Thanks, but I ment a picture when his hat is summoned as single mushroom growing in the area^^ By now I luckily found a scene in a gameplay-vid - the bastard summoned the shroom only twice in a 10min video :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t help you more, but glad you found something!

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