Help Needed - Back at Start

I sorted out the start of Mayhem Mode 1 and had some early battles at the Meridian Metroplex. Now I seem to have gone right back to the start of the game. My weapons are still at level 45. How can I get back to where I was in Sanctuary? I had planned my route around the different worlds and which DLC I was going to do. But all that seems to have gone. If it took 45 levels to beat Tyreen this means I will need to go to level 90. What can I do to return back to normal?

Did you start your character back up in TVHM mode somehow? That would reset your story progress to the begn=inning. If not that (it’s an option on the menu page with ‘Play’ at the top) then it’s possible your save didn’t get sync’d properly. Hopefully it’s the more obviousl option though.

There is no level 90. Currently the cap is 60.