Help Needed for Claptrap dlc

hello all i cant believe im asking but can i get a bit of help with the claptraps dlc final boss? aka the helio’s ripoff he is making me me salty and the bad part is he resets part way though the fight and help is welcome :smile:

PSN - Galeforce1992

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Hey, I don’t know if you’ve managed to get past it or not, but if you haven’t, what level are you? If you haven’t gotten too high up, we may be able to help. If you’d like, you can send us a request on PSN. Rockstar777889

nope not yet i only lvled once from the dlc so lvl 61 wilhelm :slight_smile: ill add when im online next UK time xD

Sounds great! We’re a level 61 Athena and Nisha. Just send us a message next time we’re both online, we’d love to help out.

added :smile:

Sgrobo add meh!

Damn he is irritating… I’ve tried a half dozen times and I can’t get even halfway through his red health bar. Rather than banging my head against that wall, I’m going to treat him like a raid boss and request some assistance too!

sorry forgot to update to say that he is dead finally thanks to rockstar ^^

Ditto! Thanks Rockstar(s)!