Help needed for Digistruct OP3+

Hey everyone!

I need help urgently for the OP3 run (and possibly consecutive OPs) on Digistruct. Everything works like a charm until the boss room, where I have failed at least 5 times so far. Once I’m down, I’m down.

Would anyone care to help me out? I really wanna get all the OPs done at some point. On steam you can find me as ‘Dewarion’

Cheers and thanks in advance,

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I think you are referring to the assassins? I went pure defense, rather than offense, in order to keep from dying. I found it helpful to max out my health/defense as much as possible using a health relic and the best defensive shield I had. And focus on one of the assassins until they were dead, and then the next one, etc.

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Alright, I’ll try that then. I’m just so used to go in aggressively with by Bee, I guess that will take some practice :smiley: Still, thank you.

I’m still open for some coop fun regardless though, if anyone cares. Victories and Failure are just much more enjoyable with company.

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They hit hard, so just play defensively by keeping distance and using cover. For that purpose the pipes are an excellet cover.

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Alright, the good news first: I did manage to kill the assassins.
The bad news: I got super excited, didn’t expect more enemies in the next room, got careless and died x]

So I’m able to do it in principle.