Help needed for Maliwan Takedown Mission

Looking for 2-3 Players to join me for the “Maliwan Takedown” Mission.

I was able to fight solo until I got to the endboss, but I wasnt able to win against him alone.

Please Comment or Message me with your PSN Name, I will add you.

If it is possible I would start the mission today afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

Have you tried public matchmaking? Works most of the time for me & I’ve had numerous completions (well, fails, too :frowning:). The game seems quick to settle on a 2- or 3-person match. I always check if I’m the host (social menu, top right , player with a ‘crown’ is host). If you are the host you can restart the search to possibly get more players by clicking on the Takedown a second time (only the host can do this). You can then still start and new joiners might come in at the point where the Valkyries die. I’d join but my schedule is crazy right now so I can’t commit.