HELP Needed: Not dealing any damage - Confused about scaling and one-shots. (Amara)

So i got to 65 about a week ago. I have been farming everyday and gotten some Mayhem 10 gear.
I watch YT guides alot and every video i see, it is a bunch of one shots and a “walk in the park” to do a slaughtershaft 10.
I am interested in the Amara melee elementalist build. I came across a sort of newly updated “Black Swan” build. Focus on ele damage, with “Ties that bind” and full rush stacks.
I currently have this gear:

800% Melee damage spread over 4 weapons.
1 face puncher (Low level, but i figured it would scale of melee dmg anyway?)
82% Ele damage artifact. Commander Plantoid.
Breaker class mod, with extra point in “Find your center” (100% melee dmg)
Brawler ward shield with 180% melee dmg.
(I do not have a 300-90 anoint which i know is a big scaling item, but i still have alot of melee dmg%)

With either my Face-Puncher or regular melee punches i cant kill anything past Mayhem 2.
I am pretty sure i am the one misunderstanding something, but i have no idea what to do differently.
I dont just look up one guide from 2019 and go with that blindly. I watch different threads/forums and different guides from all over.

I really hope someone can help me out with this, because i LOVE the Borderlands games and this one seems to have alot going for it and i wanna keep playing for a long time.

Face Puncher will deal damage stated on the card, so low lvl gun will deal low dmg.
As for 800% melee on four weapons, it doesn’t work like that. Only bonus on current gun in your hand is active. So if you are holding Face Puncher it has +60% only.
FP damage scales with melee and wpn dmg, so for anointment on FP you want Phaseslam 300%, Cast 250%, ASE 100% wpn dmg etc.

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Going to move this to the Amara section since it’s character specific.

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