Help Needed on Xbox 1 to get to OP 8

I just reached level 72 and was hoping someone could help me reach OP 8. I can’t really offer anything in return except any of the loot that is dropped throughout digistruct peak. If you are interested, please send me a message on xbox live. If you have a mic, great, but it isn’t needed. My gamer tag is Shufflin Hunter.


I switched you to the correct section. Good luck!

I was playing with a friend of mine who is OP 8 (but isn’t willing to get me to OP 8) and while we were playing, i got a few OP 8 drops that he said i could keep. So ill post them here as rewards for anyone who helps me get to OP8. I will also update this post with anything else i get playing with my OP 8 friend in the future.

OP 8 Chain Lightning
OP 8 Lightning Bolt

I can run you to OP8 either tomorrow night (Friday) or saturday night. I will just do it for fun. No need for the rewards. Add me and message me: MrSnufelupagus

thank you so much I’ve added and messaged you on live.

Lvl 72 commando need help running op lvls GT is RangerVet 81 DV