Help Needed! Phasecast elemental build


So, I really really like Amara, but really don’t like using Phasegrasp. And I want to be using elements and guns. So, no melee.

I use Fist of the Elements tree atm, mostly. And try to get elemental weapons for all situations

But it feels like I am nerfing myself. Everyone else is wrecking face but I can’t seam to even stand a chance in Mayhem1.

Looking for tips or hints.

Please help me, before I need to reroll…

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there are some good phasecast-avatar builds out there. check the build collection.

For clarity.

I use something along these lines.

But it changes and I try Rush stacking or Phasegrasp and so on.

Also. Use Soul Sap, and element that works best at the moment. Switching between Phasecast and Deliverance.

So. I went through those builds. And they all say use a Phasezerker.

I don’t have one. :frowning:

Is it back to Phasegrasp and farm for gear before being able to use phasecast?

Phasezerker is just too good with most of the builds. If you are on ps4 i could give you one.

Sadly not.

On Xbox one. :frowning:
Thanks though.

Any idea where they drop from? Now that the special week is over.

It is a world drop, my go to farm is graveward

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Yeah I tried that on m1… But don’t do enough damage… or miss the crit spot to much… took ages to 15%… then I slid off.

So. Anyone have any other good bosses to farm for this? I have a Transformer shield… so one that does lighting would be awesome… :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much about the phasezerker. Amara has some pretty good buffs without it. My current motto is not to use it or become reliant on it. It will likely get nerfed.

Also, don’t be afraid of the brawl tree. Only 2 skills in that tree buff melee and another skill uses a melee to increase gun damage. If you can find a good breaker COM you can get some really good gun buffs and be super tanky.

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This ^^ I’m currently sakekeeping every epic COM I come across, to find a shiny alt to phasezerker which is, let’s be honest, in every build out here atm. Just checking YT vids, tons of builds but all of them rely on 1- Phasezerker COM and 2- legendaries
My motto is to find a build working with at least epic gear (maybe unique blues if I find something nice, sadly nothing caught my eyes yet :frowning: ) and having no mandatory gear, or easy to find ones^^

And I’d love to find a good phasecast reliable build with this setup too :slight_smile:

In the next few days, when I find time, I’m going to to put one point into Do harm, use a phasezerker COM, and just enough points to get TTB while using a white or green weapon. If I still melt groups with a few headshot and 99 stacks of Do Harm, which I theorize I can, then it will invalidate most builds as it wouldn’t matter what gear or skills you use if you have a Phasezerker COM, TTB, and 99 Do Harm stacks.

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You can just do what I’ve done a long time ago and not use do harm at all. I just put my points back into violent tapestry. And as useless as that skill is supposed to be I consistently noticed my hex grenades freezing much faster with it so it has some use. Like literally just don’t use do harm and the build doesn’t feel anywhere as busted even with a god rolled phasezerker

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Great idea ^^
For now, I’m still using the zerker COM (mine is lvl46 iirc, not a god roll but still powerful enough) + DoHarm, but I never EVER abuse it to get x99 Rush stacks before a fight. I simply walk into town, crack TTB+SoulSap, unleash tons of elemental+AoE dmg while staying at full health, watch everyting melt :smiley: And I don’t use any legendary except for the COM of course^^

I even looted last night 2 epic gears (grenade COM + Dahl Rad Sniper full auto <3) with Anointed : “after Phasegrasping an enemy, shoots Skulls of Terror at targeted phasegrasped enemy dealing 3k+”
That’s really fun to watch ! And adds some delicate gothic poetry to the rampage :smiley:

I was able to do it. For anyone not on console when you split screen to make a mule the level one mule always has the starting postal and shield from the first mission, but at level 50. I stole that. Put one point in Do Harm, and just enough to get TTB. Then relogged until I got neutral modifiers

Conclusion: I wasn’t able to one shot as the gun is non elemental and the skills to get TTB I grabbed were the “Usual Suspects” I was able to kill a small group of enemies. However this test was hard to actually do. Basically I kept dieing. I put a bunch of points into the brawl tree for toughness maxed Do Harm and grabbed the cool down skill and Stillness of mine to help with CC. I was able to kill small groups, but without Sustainment I kept dieing when TTB was on cool down.

Plus with the event, I was getting debuffed by Terror and I found out the badass skulls will kill you after you respawn by the vending machine. Just ram you and health gate you instantly 2 will sometimes kill you… again.

So. Continuing with my little problems.

All the builds suggest specific (hard to get) gear, or Ties that bind.

So, are there any starting 50 threads out there that I have missed?
Everyone says, just farm Graveward 50000 times and get that anointed Transformer and the right Cutsman to compliment your Phasezerker.

But, I have limited time to play.

I feel like there is no way I can progress forward with the gear I have atm, and no path to take to get it. Getting kindof boring actually, which is so sad.

While Phasecast is super fun to play, I only recommend it for boss melting builds, and it should be paired along with a Phasezerker mod and Annointed weapons with 250% damage on Phasecast on them. If you are able to get those things use this build to melt bosses. With this build use Deliverence, Soul Sap, and Fire or Shock depending on Mayhem rolls.

Otherwise you should be using Phasegrasp for mobbing or Slaughter Houses.

Here is a phasegrasp build for mobbing, again, you need a Phasezerker mod, but the weapon requirements are less. Use Ties that Bind, and Stillness of Mind.

If you are on PS4, let me know, I can send you some stuff to help you out.

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A couple things, hope it helps:

First of all, I think you need to take a closer look at your skill trees. Of course gear is important, and elemental weapons are great, but frankly, putting all those points into the red tree is kind of a waste. Particularly wildfire, conflux, and catharsis. I haven’t found those skills to be particularly helpful, and they’re especially useless against bosses.

You don’t need to copy other people’s builds, because you should play how you want to. If you don’t want to use phasegrasp for mobbing, don’t. But, at the same time, if you want to use phasecast or slam, you need to build for them. If you’re not speccing into do harm or jab cross or avatar, then you’re never really gonna get much out of those action skills, aside from anointments.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have phasezerker. Yes, it’s probably the best com for just about any build, but you definitely don’t need it. You just need to spec your skill points around what you have.

If you have and enjoy using a bunch of elemental weapons, sure spec into anima and tempest and sustainment. The thing is though, you don’t need to put all your points in the elemental tree just to make good use of elemental guns. In fact, I’d say it’s probably diminishing returns, and not worth going all the way down to forceful expression. Sure, it’s good on all guns, but as far as I can tell, it’s much more effective if you’re using it to add elements to non-elemental weapons.

If you’re always using elemental weapons, you can just swap between whichever element your enemy is weak to, instead of bothering with forceful expression. Especially if you’re getting the swap speed from fast hands. The extra damage is nice, but you can get a lot more damage going down the blue tree to get wrath and laid bare.

I would suggest going down the blue tree to get avatar so you can make good use of phasecast. And then put the rest of your points into the red tree to get that elemental jazz you like. Maybe something like this could work for you. And if you use a lot of maliwan guns, you could swap laid bare or awakening for from rest.

You don’t need phasezerker to get rush stacks. With your elemental guns, you can pretty easily get them up with all your dots. With more points in violent tapestry, you’re getting even more dots, easier. And with do harm, your phasecast can do some serious damage to mobs, if not outright kill them.

Also, in case you didn’t know, transcend stacks. So if you get avatar, and use phasecast twice in a row, you’re getting 54% crit damage and like 60% accuracy pretty much all the time. That alone makes avatar more valuable than forceful expression on almost any build, in my opinion, especially when using phasecast.

At the end of the day, play how you want with what you have. Sometimes that might mean you don’t do as much damage as others seem to, but the whole point of the endgame for borderlands is to slowly grind your way up to get better and better gear. It takes time, so don’t fret if you’re not at the top just yet.

And if you can’t kill graveward all that quick, maybe try farming mouthpiece, gigamind, or even the creature slaughter. They have decent drops too :grin:



Will switch around my spec tonight… .see what happens… :slight_smile:

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