Help Needed Please

i am soon a lv69 siren and have no luck anymore. i try the armory runs to get better stuff but now knoxx fight is hard with my lv45 gear. so if anyone can help me with some guns to make this fight easier please help. thanks

psn: aut-666

How can you be almost level 69 and not have anything higher than 45 gear? Stuff drops all over the place, and you don’t need orange or pearlescent gear to take down Knoxx - even green rarity gear can be pretty potent in this game.

I don’t mean to sound like an ass but if you can get to through the Lance at the end of Road’s End to reach the Armory then all you need to do is pick up some of their loot.

Vending machine farming is usually pretty fruitful too

Start farming the area around Tannis. There is a lot of good chests there.

i can do you have a mic? tags CleanerBoy