Help Needed regarding Borderlands Second Playthrough!

Hello Everyone

I initially finished Borderlands 2 (without playing any DLC) for the first time and opted to play the second playthrough…
I started with Level 33
For Fun instead of playing the main game, I thought of playing a DLC (Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep) and played the DLC until I earned a Level of 39…

When I returned to play the original main game, (Starting at Windshear Wastes) all the enemies are now only of the level 33 !!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I have a feeling that after I finished the First Playthrough pertaining to the Original main game, I should have started to play and finish all the DLCs before jumping into the Second Playthrough

Am I right regarding this??? Please do Advice me

Also Please do advice me as to what I should do now regarding the mess I made in the current game (i.e I am in Level 39 but the enemies are of level 33)

Just blast through. By the time you hit “Bright Lights Flying City” the gap should be closing as you won’t be levelling up nearly as fast as the game does. IIRC that set of missions/enemies usually scales in the mid-40s?

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It’s best to leave the dlc’s until you finish the second playthrough. When that’s done, all missions and enemies will scale to lvl 50, and when you start UVHM, they will all scale to your level. Then you can do them in whatever order you like. But for now, you’re overleveled. This will even itself out further down the story. Don’t worry!

As others have suggested, just blast through the story missions and ignore side missions. You’ll probably find that by the time you reach the Preserve, the enemies will have caught up to you and you’ll have your challenge back.

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There used to be a way to set enemy levels by hand, using a third party program (which also has not-quite-legit appllications), but it doesn’t work anymore. Still, if you google “region balance modifier borderlands 2” you can keep an eye out, maybe they’ll fix it.
And the DLCs don’t go higher than lv35 if I’m not mistaken, so you didn’t make a mistake.

Just to clarify, as this is my first playthrough for BL2, I’m currently at lvl 23 and just finished up a bunch of stuff in the Highlands, can I start DLC whenever I want before starting a new playthrough or wait until the end to avoid something like this situation? Hope you don’t mean I can’t play the DLC before the end of the 2nd playthrough without causing this.

Sorry, probably looking way to much into this, thanks!

If you do all four DLCs before you finish main story, you will definitely be very over-levelled. The first two DLCs don’t level as high in normal mode as the second two, so it wouldn’t hurt to do one of them. However, that also depends on whether you are going to do all the side quests on your first play through, since doing so will also get you to a fairly high level.

Great, so say I do all 4 after I complete the main story, I won’t have to worry about being over-leveled once I start my 2nd playthrough right?

All four DLCs either during or after 1st play-through will definitely leave you over-levelled for the start of the 2nd. You could probably do one, maybe two, then switch between the others in normal (Pt.1) and main story in true (Pt.2) as you go instead of doing side-quests.

That also means you’d be able to save choice side quests in Pt.2 until you’d completed main story again; that way you get the rewards at level 50 instead of whatever you would normally start them at. It would take some careful planning though, and I don’t remember the level ranges for each DLC (should be on the wiki or listed on the old forums?) Just be careful that you don’t fast travel to the starting location for any DLC until you are ready to do it, as that will lock the starting level for the DLC in.

I agree with the others. Just keep playing your main missions and you’ll be fine.

Also, regarding playthrough 1, I tend to do some DLC as a way of leveling up and sometimes to seek out specific gear. Around level 15 Torgue or Pirates. And around level 30, Hammerlock or Tiny Tina. I keep an eye on the main game’s story mission level so I don’t overlevel.

Typically I start playthrough 2 around level 30 to 35.

And I started UVHM (playthrough 3) around level 50 to 53. If you wait too long your gear will feel very inadequate compared to the level of the enemies (they will be whatever level you are).

And finally, in UVHM, yea do any mission in any order. And remember that you can reset your UVHM playthrough so you can redo all missions and DLC yet again at higher levels. It can be worth it so you can get certain gear at certain levels.

I would farm tinas for bee and other gear then go to uvhm asap so your weapons will scale with enemies instead of being stuck at 50 on tvhm. Dont pick up any echoes in doctors orders so you can farm wep llms.

I think this thread might be a little stale now. Please check the dates of previous posts, otherwise your advice may fall on deaf ears.

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