Help needed regarding Story mission play through! (PC)


First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread, I’m new here!

Ok so today I was playing on Borderlands 2 and I was at the mission whereby I have to take down Angel by destroying the eridium injectors. After I had completed that mission I had a message pop up reading something along the lines of:

“You have already completed the following missions on another play through. Do you wish to continue with them or skip ahead? Yes or No?”

I decided to pick Yes for some reason and it teleported me back to sanctuary where I had new optional missions. I then try to continue with the story missions and I have a red ‘X’ next to it. I beleive the next mission is The Warrior mission or certainly one building up to that? I stupidly pressed the wrong button and now can’t continue with the final missions of the play through. I am currently on True Vault Hunter Mode and desperately need someones help so that I can final complete TVHM.

Thank you so much for anyone’s help or advice

Hi there,

First of all, welcome, and i think your in the correct section but i’m sure a mod will move it if need be so don’t worry about that.

To the matter at hand, looks like you did some co-op with someone who has already completed this playthrough and that’s causing the problem hey? I do remember something like this back on Xbox.

Have you got “Toil and Trouble” or “Data Mining” on your missions list as a red “X”? They are the missions after “Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2” and come before “The Talon of God” which is last.

I have a couple of toon’s in TVHM but would have to rush them through to that point, but that would be ok if it helps unless someone else has a toon closer to that point and can help you out :thumbsup:

See what happens but if you can wait a day i could make that possible so just let us know or pm me :ok_hand:

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So my next mission under the ‘Story Mission’ section is called “Battle: The Death Race” - Convince Motor Mamma to come out of hiding by beating the clock in a time trail race."

And that mission has a red ‘X’ next to it, compared to all my optional missions that I can still complete and travel too.

I’m praying there’s a way to solve this mistake as I desperately want to be able to complete TVHM without have to completely resetting it and starting over you know?

Thank you for all your help once again

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It is a repeatable quest. same with Bar Room Blitz, Twelve O’Clock High and Appetite for Destruction

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Ok, as nat06 has pointed out that is a repeatable mission, but for the Torgue DLC and all main missions in DLC’s are considered “story missions” and have the Vault symbol next to it just like the one in this picture which we can use as a reference to distinguish the differences and similarities in these …

My current Story Mission is The Once and Future Slab for the main game. Beneath that there is a Story Mission for the Tiny Tina or Dragon Keep DLC but it is also shown as a “Story Mission” with the Vault Symbol next to it and all side or optional missions are shown with a gears icon next to them for both the main BL2 story and DLC’s, so we need to exclude all DLC missions from your list of missions for this and just focus on the main story.

[Here] ( is a list of the Main Story Missions from start to finish (just click the red “Here”) so go through these missions and see what you have completed or have not, and which ones have the red “X” next to them and we’ll try to sort this out for you ok :thumbsup:


First off, thank you again for everyone’s help! I honestly am so appreciative!

Secondly, so today when I’ve just logged on after reading your forum suggestions, magically the ‘Toil and Trouble’ main story mission has appeared and I can now access it! This is fab news as previously for whatever reason I couldn’t!

Does anyone know if there is a way I can complete the “Battle:The Death Race” mission? I currently have all the DLC’s I believe and I have been playing through them with my friend, so am I possibly just getting mixed up with the story missions from the DLC’s and the actual TVHM?

All in all I just want to be able to complete every mission and side mission available, there by meaning completing the one with the red ‘X’.

So how do I access the red ‘X’ one? Do I need to go to a specific location?

Thank you so much again and sorry that I am such a noob when it comes to simple things like this xD


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No need to apologize, that’s what this place is for :ok_hand:

That’s [this one] ( , along with a few other missions like [ Tier 3 Battle: Twelve O’Clock High] (’Clock_High) and this one also in the Torgue DLC, [Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz] ( All of these become repeatable quests (Tier Three) once they are finished, and can be accepted, completed or failed over and over. If you accept one of these missions and complete it, when you hand it in you will notice that the yellow exclamation mark will be there again for you to repeat the same mission. The “Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz” mission is commonly used to farm Torgue Tokens and for leveling toon’s also. If you fail these types of missions you will be left with a red “X” next to it. Same goes for if you accept the mission and just walk away, it will show as “failed”.

Just for reference on the “Battle: The Death Race” mission, [here] ( is a bit of a vid from @bew_ doing this in his Gearless Zero playthrough, and is a quick way of getting it done solo … you’ll notice the first two are fairly easy, and on the third one he will use two vehicles (make sure you get the one with the explosive barrel, it’s faster than the other one) and position one halfway around and then travel to it from the other “Catch-a-Ride” . @bew_ is doing this because they become level 50 missions at Tier Three, and he is farming XP … that and he’s a cheat and a really bad driver :grin: I had to splice hours of his footage together just to show you him making it around the track without constantly crashing … i hope he reads this :laughing:

All jokes aside, i hope this helps you understand how these and other repeatable missions work and feel free to ask more if needed ok, and hopefully you can finish TVHM and start UVHM without ant problems. :thumbsup:

ps: Skip to about 22:45 in the vid to where he starts the actual racing, but only if you wish :relaxed:

Thank you so much this makes a lot more sense now! Will definitely be back if I have any more questions!

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