Help needed, work debate

Yes this is what we sit around talking about

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Lets take a look at the specimen.

A piece of meat. Mhm yes. I see.
2 halves of bread. Ok ok i see where this is going.
Meat is placed between bread. Some condiments are added to taste. Good good.

But…its open. Rather than covered completely by the bread. Yes this is quite the revelation here.

Conclusion. A hot dog is a type of open-faced sammich.


Only if you hold it horizontally

Since I work at a bar, I don’t usually get a break for food. If I do, I have to sit in the back and eat usually pizza or chicken wings. Funny thing, they are talking about lunch on this stream I’m watching. Now I want tacos.

But if you rotate it to where the hot dog is facing the side, (which I have been known to do), it could also qualify as a sub. (Depends on where you go. )

Also, this:

This was a question on a hannibal burress bit. After careful consideration, I say yes. If an “open faced sandwich” is a sandwich, then a hot dog certainly is.

There’s some room for debate in the “it can’t be one piece of bread” side of things, but if you go that route then you’re saying that most subs aren’t sandwiches, which is lunacy.

Yes, a hotdog is a sandwich.

Yes. It is a sandwich.
It is a piece of meat inside a bun that can be stuffed with anything you want. My case, avocado.

We have a version with sliced meat and fried onion called “As” (ace),

If Wiki says it…

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That talks about the hot dog but does not consider our beloved completo.


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Ooh. What type of meat do you use? I like to sauté onions and garlic and put them in my hamburger meat when I make hamburgers.

We have our version of the “completo” street hot dog here in São Paulo. They put mashed potatoes in them. I’m not even kidding. It’s disgusting, but not that bad when you’re drunk out of your mind at 4 AM.

And yes, if you put it in a bun, it’s a sandwich.

I’ll throw this out there too.

I actually just polled my parents because I’d heard the question before. Both of them are 65+.

After less than 2 seconds of thought, both agreed that a hot dog was a sandwich.


Oh yeah, my brother told me about that when he went to SP downtown. He said it was…weird.
Went a while then he go back to the airport.

It is weird. I never understood the train of thought that led someone to stick mashed potatoes in a sandwich, and I live here. The fact that it became so popular baffles me even more. Those things are gigantic and weigh a ton.

Here people loves pouring tons of mayo to their stuff. Mayo is okay, pasta with mayo is not okay.

You just arent thinking right.

My favorite place to eat when I was going to school in west virginia?

Tudor’s Biscuit world…

It is a wonderful place, where you can order a biscuit with country ham, cheese, a fried egg, and an entire hasbhrown. And that is just one sandwich.

My favorite platter there was the big tater.


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Oh whoops, my reaction was supposed to be one of disgust? Cause that sounds delicious. My bad. ;\


I love mayo, but pasta with mayo… Yuck indeed.

I’m beginning to think that I’m the weird one for finding that unappealing. It just never made much sense to me, but if you think that sounds delicious, I’m glad to have introduced you to the amazing world of mashed potatoes in sandwiches, lol. I’ll give you the whole picture then… The typical street hot dog here is topped with mashed potatoes, corn, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard and fried potato straws. It’s a very messy carbs and condiments explosion. That’s what you usually get when you order the “completo”. It’s almost as if they couldn’t decide what to put in it and decided to stick everything they had available on the cart in the bun.

I can’t honestly say all this together sounds that appealing, so I totally get where you’re coming from on that!

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