Help? Nothing super important

…nothing major, if I don’t receive it, I will be just fine. No harm asking though right?

So I had the game preordered, typical story, came out, played with some friends etc. Well once I hit level 25ish, IRL stuff came up(work, date, etc) so I stopped playing for a couple days. When I came back I found my account was getting hacked. I logged into the game and noticed a couple things. 1 and the one that bummed me out the most, my character was gone. 2 my name was changed to something very inappropriate. Well its since been fixed but my character is still gone. I am finally getting around to playing it again, but getting tired of the lack of backpack space. So figured I would ask if anyone would be willing to part with some cash so I could buy some SDUs lol.

You should ask this on the trading Post forums for your specific platform. I’m sure someone out there will be happy to help you out.

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True, I am actually fairly new to these forums. Didnt even know they existed till a few minutes ago haha. Will go find them and do it now.

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Closed since apparently OP has found the relevant trade section.