HELP! number "1" in the middle of my screen [Xbox One X]


I was playing this afternoon and somehow I have managed to get a blue “1” in the middle of my screen.

It’s there with all characters and I can’t see how to get rid of it.

Can anyone advise?

Thanks, Drutti

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Same. It appeared when the countdown for the guardian takedown ended. Since then, the 1 is constantly on my screen.
But i do not bother. I do not really notice it

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Well - I am glad it’s not just me.

Is there any way of getting rid of it?

Try resetting the game and/or clear the cache.

Thanks for this suggestion.

Sorry to be dim - on an Xbox One X, how do I do that? I’ve been sitting on the console for an hour and no option seems to get rid of the number.

Quit the game.
Turn off the console and unplug from the wall.
Press and hold the power button to drain any residual power.
Wait 15 seconds then plug back in, boot up the console, and restart the game.

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That’s done it! Thank you, everyone.

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