Help on defeating the bunker

I need help on defeating the bunker boss in Borderlands 2. My PSN is THE_FIJIAN510.

what’s your character maybee I can give you tips

I’m online now and can help is it your your first or second playthrough

It’s my first playthrough I’ll be on later like around 4:00pm PST.

Kk I can help what’s that uk time

I already took down the bunker with some help but I will still need help with the final boss.

Sure happy to help out I’ll send yeah a fr soon

PST is 8 hours behind UK time. So, 4:00 PM PST would be 12:00 AM UK time.

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The Warrior glitch you can shoot him outside the shield works evrytime and you can buy ammo when you run out without having to get his health back up

Takes longer, but zero chance of dying