Help on Heliophage Advanced ! Xbox1

If you can help me i would appreciate it. Xbox Gamertag - cloud1358

Tbh easiest to do solo with gali its how i did it. Otherwise if u need a person i recommend having only 1 more 3 or more and it becomes rather difficult

Just run to the objectives without trying to kill trash between. When you fight the boss do it on the Island with the steps. Fight him with your back towards the wall so you dont get knocked off. When you get low on health, kite around the map. Later rinse repeat.


yeah i know but i tried this already i found it out that its easier with 1 or 2 people with you so im looking around

Are you still looking for a group? I need help to finish out the mission GT: Emoprince21

Well here is a good list for people that might be willing to do it with you.

Players & Groups Joining up - Xbox One GT List *UPDATED*