Help on Heliophage Advanced

I’ve tried multiple times but I just can’t seem to get it. Anyone wanna try to help?

Are you queing up for advanced public or running it with 3 or less? Or solo? I’ve only ever completed it one time with a full 5 man pub group. It is a brutal mission

I’ve just been doing solo because I can’t find any groups.

I play on ps4 or I’d help ya out but maybe I can offer tips, which character are you doing it with? Are you having trouble getting to Rendain or with the actual double boss fights before final Rendain fight?

I’ve been using Thorn. I’ve made it to Rendain once. I always end up just the littlest bit too late when destroying the crystals. And I run past the enemies when I can.

idk why but it keeps not replying when I hit reply

I would recommend using Oscar Mike, his grenade and ult are great aoe clears and his invis allows you to just book it past mobs (with helix that increases move speed while cloaked) while they walk around dumbfounded

If you pick the long range scope for his rifle makes hitting crits a lot easier. Crits are essential to taking down brutes easier and with some shield penetration gear and helix choices beast masters become no problem

idk if you’ve gotten his lore legendary but it makes you run 15% faster while invis is on cooldown as well

@phoreverphamily I tried him out and I couldn’t get far with him, but maybe that’s just because I’m not used to him.

Almost positive in both shard areas you have to secure there are jump pads or ways to get to the upper level that can help alleviate some of the pressure on you. Any particular areas or instances that caused you trouble with OM?
I would definitely suggest a ranged character for sure, yea Thorns blight and ult are pretty good and her volley is good for causing curse but I feel her primary attack is just too slow, especially with all the shielded enemies

@phoreverphamily yeah I always use the jump pads. and I just tried OM again and I think I could’ve gotten past it but I got disconnected so

I just beat it!! With Thorn. Thanks for the advice.

Congrats! I’ve never solod it with Thorn I use her in group settings tho
Anyways good job!

Get anything good?

@phoreverphamily I take that back, somehow the settings were switched to normal. I am very frustrated at the moment lol.

Ohh nooo :frowning:
Sorry that’s a kick in the pants

@phoreverphamily I know right I feel so defeated :joy:

im sure you will get it
Maybe play some pvp let out some frustration :wink:

that sounds like a great idea