Help on OP 6, 7, and 8

My Sally is having some trouble soloing the peak and even on open parties everyone hops in as a lower op so I have to carry with underpowered gear haha. If anyone can help out, Ill be on for a bit tonight and tomorrow. GT is mS Xero. Thanks!

I could help for a few after work tomorrow around 5:30 pm ish (PST) and possibly @Kurtdawg13 if he’s not busy kicking puppies and punching babies.


Sorry I missed what was said. I was busy putting down the toilet seat to pee. :smirk:

I should be available this evening. Not sure when I picking my son up from his mother, but when I get back from that we can tackle the peak. :wink:

GT = Kurtdawg13
shoot me a msg and I’ll respond. :innocent:

ETA, like maybe 530pm’ish. I’m in California. So Pacific Time.

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Just checking, are we still going to do this?

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