Help on trophy for guns

Ok .1 trophy left. Its get all gun manufacturers to 100 kills thing. Well completed twice on normal, once in tvhm , then just finished the DLC. I definitely try and use all decent weapons . So what could I be missing here ? Is there a thing where elemental kills them not the gun ? Or maybe the malawian weapons where I shoot n just reload so they throw the mirvs ? Really stuck on this one . Guess it’s a glitch like the game certainly has many of

When I went for this one, I thought it was glitched at first too. Turns out I just forgot atlas exists.
Atlas, CoV, Tediore, Jakobs, Vladof, Dahl, Maliwan, Hyperion and Torgue
You need 100 kills for each, I got the achievement with projectile kills just to be sure. Whichever ones you like the least are probably what’s missing.

Thank you for the reply , shall try that when next online on Friday ! I will reply to let you know if it was atlas

Yea dont forget about Atlas. They aren’t just grenades, but they should be :joy:

You can check in your challenges menu. Zoom all the way out galaxy map then tab to challenges

It doesn’t tell you gun specifics tho does it ? I’ve looked but couldnt find that

You are right. Just checked and it does not. I should, keeps track of everything else.

Yes . It was atlas !