Help op status use of op level & op lvl gain is g.o.n.e

O please Gawd, RNG Gawd, any

of you Gamerz out there PLEASE can you spare a moment and help Maya n myself? Suddenly just after Downloading, installing the brand newest ( during E3 2019) DLC where we must save out Sanctuary…cutting 2 the point
I downloaded began & immediately closed newest DLC. Switched over to my OP1 Maya, ran gauntlet , beat YES will now b OP2…Logged out 4 food. Logged in shows mission re: digistruct gauntlet as failed?? Humm, checked the rewards received during the run. ALL LVL 71 & below??? Ok here thing. I logged off & on yadda yadda game will not acknowledge OP Lvl at all, no longer asks increase? Decrease? BUT I am wearing using many OP1 gear/weapons
THOUGHTS? ADVICE, ANYTHING REMOTELY POSTIVR, HELPFUL I’m interested n hearing & very much appreciate
! Pic shows shield
As OP1

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With the new dlc the level cap has been raised. When you go into the dlc, you can’t rank up on the peak (it’s the same behavior as before, when sub 72 players hit the peak) and “op” play is not available.

OP is defined as those levels over the level cap. 72 is no longer the level cap.

As you climb to 80, each piece of op gear you have will change op level (but not item level).

Example: I started at 72 with op8 gear. At 73 each piece of op gear dropped to “op” 7, and decremented in op count for each level I gained. At character level 80, they were all lvl 80 gear.

You do keep your op rank as you level up. When you hit 80, you’ll still op2 ranking, if nothing awry happened.


Oh Bless you, bless you! I just so needed an explanation :facepunch::clap:

You know, I’m noticing something interesting, more like confusing in regards to the label rank stamp changing, ie your op8 :arrow_down_small: moving down to op8 etc). My previous op1 gear is now 73. Most of the loot I’m currently acquiring is 72 or 73. However there are occasional op1 pieces dropping. Nothing special about these either, just random gear being labeled
rather than 73 I’d expect. Ideas why the occasional op1 labels?

no. i’ve seen similar happenings in my inventory. when you lvl up check to see if it’s not 74 gear.

until you hit 80, any gear over your lvl will get an op label.