Help phasecast build

Hi guys I need help with a phasecast build capable of running m4 takedown especially wotan .can pretty much clear up till him then I struggle thanks

Check out the end of this thread with the updated build and videos

Thanks mate will give a go when I get home from work

That’s what I’m looking at for my build. It doesn’t include the 4 Skill Points from DLC2, but otherwise looks pretty solid. I basically have the same build right now, and I can generally handle Mayhem 4 no problem. However, I currently have to use Ties that Bind as my Action Skill, as I haven’t been worried about Anointments, so I don’t have any gear with the Damage on ASE or Damage on Phasecast Anointments. I’m working on fixing that now, though. My main difference from the build in the video is that I skip Infusion, as I have enough points to get Forceful Expression, which I understand doesn’t reduce healing from Sustainment (which I have maxed out).

I think the big thing is to realize that Phasecast isn’t really viable for Damage on it’s own in M4, but the core of the build is the Mystical Assault tree, which is more Gun-focused, so using Phasecast to trigger Anointments will work a lot better than trying to use it as your primary damage. At least, that’s what I’m seeing.

I agree with very most skill choices in the video swk3000 posted except for one thing: no points in Personal Space? Since the lvl 53 cap increase there’s absolutely zero excuse for not having 3/3 in PS. It’s one of the best skills in the game, and it’s right there in tier 1.

Here’s what I used in my cast/zerker TTD run at level 53:

I don’t like using meta weapons (except for the Wedding which is just too much fun not to use), I was using Wedding, Breath of the Dying, a shock Sleeping Giant, and a Lob only for second winds. You may find these choices questionable, but imo it shows that the build is good enough. All weapons were +250% cast though. Class mod is Zerker, artifact is Snow Drift which helps a LOT surviving Wotan attacks. Survivability relies on Sustainment, so kinetic weapons are bad if you want to stay alive.

At level 57, I just go full Sustainment & Forceful Expression. The only other adjustment is that I don’t max out Anima anymore because it has a tendency to kill yourself if you’re not careful.

I don’t do takedown often, last time I was using this build with an Anarchy, but this weapon is so stupidly overpowered it felt like cheat mode. It pulverised Wotan only with bonus elements and after that it went into the safe.

I agree about Personal Space. You need to have 3 points in it no matter what your Amara build is.

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I would like to point out that the video posted is not my video. I posted it as a “here’s a video by another person that I found that is pretty close to what I’m aiming for”. Also, my personal version of the build does have Personal Space.