HELP! Picked up a Level 72 Grog Nozzle?

I was farming bunker and holding an e-tech pistol in my hands then i got downed and revived myself. when i shot again i noticed i wasnt holding my gun anymore i was holding a grog nozzle… NO, i have NOT picked this mission up on uvhm. I still had my e-tech it was just knocked out of my primary 4 weapons… More importantly it is level 72. I can drop or trade it as well. How did it get in my inventory?! i dont think bunker dropped it… please explain lol

Can drop and trade, huh? Sounds like you picked up a modded one someone dropped, it’s not possible to get a permanent grog nozzle anymore.

No one was in my game. i was by myself farming bunker.

You got it somehow, probably a friendly powerleveler.

-.- i just said i didnt have it then i got it from no where.

It’s not nececarrily hacked, They were dropped legit by the Gold Golem in the $100,000 loot hunt, and that came out after Digistruct peak.

Ok, it’s hacked. But there is a 0.1% that it’s not hacked (There may be an 0.1% margin of error)

Maybe chalk it up as the game messing with you and move on? I can’t think of anything else if you were solo and were not hacking.

Okay can you not tell me to “move on” this is my thread i asked for help not a rude answer mmk.

That wasn’t intended as rude. Just that none of us know the answer and it may be better not to dwell on it. I apologize.

ok man sorry. i’m too used to having to be mean to people i kind of just let my attitude take over lol