Help please! cloud sync error

So last night i played a crap load of the story, then i when i went to launch the game this morning epic games popped up with a cloud save error. In panic i clicked download to this machine. When i then launched bl3 i lost all my progress and i was back to 2 days ago barley half way into the story? ive tried to backup previous versions but there is none!

Happened to me too just moments ago. But i selected the other option ( save to cloud). To my understanding ,your save file didn’t sync with the cloud and given the difference of file between the cloud and your save( machine), it lets you choose which file to retain. Unfortunately, download to machine option means You’ve overwritten your save file with the outdated save.

So i have to redo all my progress?

I guess. Unless you somehow got a back up of your save files from your computer. It sucks,but maybe someone more knowledge than me can present you with a solution

yea I pretty much looked alot into my save file but being the dummy i am i didnt even back anything up. So i guess im screwed,

same thing happened to me and I lost my level 7 Zane. i dont know how to fix it though.

Same thing happened, just hit lvl 12 Lost ALL bonus gear, keys, all of it gone

Same thing just happened to me and i lost my LV 40 CHAR and all progress due to “corrupt” data and all my golden keys

Same has been happening to me. After the first loss I always go with the cloud option. Does anyone know a fix so this doesn’t keep happening?