Help. Please help. PLEASE

So, here’s the thing: i acquired this game yesterday. Love it, having fun, good stuff. Except for one thing - in PvP, i get rinsed.


No matter who i play as or who i face, i get nailed to the wall like im not even there. My team also always loses, and i cant help but feel like that’s my fault.

So please, if anyone has any advice for PvP, i welcome it. I want to be…well, if not ‘good’ at this game, i’d like to be less bad.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: well, you guys have all been absolutely amazing. Thanks to the advice ive received here, ive changed the way i play to suit this type of game - ive stopped hunting kills and started focussing on the actual objective. By picking my fights with more care ive died a little less, and nabbed a few kills in return.
Ive also unlocked several new characters, started paying much closer attention to each character’s skills and helixes, and now…now i feel more confident about what im doing.
Thank you guys for all the great advice. If you’re on PS4 any of you, it’ll be fun to face you. More fun to stand alongside you, but still :smile:


Try to find a Character you enjoy playing and practice with it. I personally enjoy Rath and Miko.

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And try to find some peeps from the forum to play with they can probably teach you some tricks for pvp and give you advice on what to do.

It’s a team game and team work > individuals any time even if the team aint that good if they stick together they will win or at least give a damn good run for your money


What the others are saying is the first step. Find a character you rly enjoy and learn them. How each skill works and what their helix. The next step is to learn about your game mode (incursion, capture, melt-down). Once you learned your game mode and both maps associated with that mode it’s on to the final step. BB is considered a MOBA and requires you to harass the enemy and push a lane or capture a point. It’s not always wise to just run into battle; choose when to attack and when to retreat don’t just run in with tunnel vision. Early game survival is pretty easy unless your crazy aggressive with creeps(AI robots) or players. Make sure to have map awareness and look for enemy snipers or rogues. Stay mobile and build accel’s supply stations, turrets etc. This will keep you leveling (if playing capture varelsi drop automatic levels, kill them). Be mindful of collision with large players or robots its very frustrating being blocked and dieing so jump a lot. Hope this helps.


Also team work is the most over powered thing in BB. Make sure to use your mic and talk to your team mates.


practice in story mode for a while. It helps to get a feel for the character, skills and gear. Then go PVP.

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I would recommend picking one character and playing them a good deal in PvE with a dash of PvP. Learn how to make the character work for you. When I unlocked Toby I SUCKED with him since I have no idea how to play him. Now I’m pretty good since I know how he works.

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Well, you have all been just awesome! Thanks for the great advice guys, it’s really made mw feel better. I think i’ll use private story mode to test characters, get a feel for them and wetjer or not they suit my play style. Then take them into public story mode, to understand how they work in a team, THEN hit PvP some more. Thanks all.

Although…in regard to getting a feel for both maps in each PvP mode - it’s a bit difficult when EVERYONE keeps voting for Overgrowth on Incursion. Ah well…have to keep trying i guess.

Thanks again folks :slight_smile:

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Try every characters combo of helix upgrades. Maybe even wait and play PVE until you unlock gear loadiuts and good gear. Also don’t forget to spend shards on buildables too. They can make or break you. Anther thing is knowing when to fight and attack their base or retreat and defend your base.

The biggest thing in PVP to me is recalling! It instantly restores health so you don’t have to wait near a healing station. It’s down on the DPAD for X1 and down on the PS4 pad too. Never fight with low healt if it can be helped. You’ll most likely lose.
If you play X1 and have a microphone send me a message “The Vis0red”. I’ll gladly help as much as I can.

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Thanks, i appreciate it. Sadly i am PS4, or else i would have gladly accepted your help.

Im sure i tried that in a PvP match once. Didnt work. Guess i must have done something wrong with that.

So…the buildables really do help? I do try and make a point of grabbing them, but get worried that my team will think im slacking.

Anyway, so far i am LOVING Orendi as a character. Solid skill damage, i think, but her basic attack lacks punch. Tbh honest, i have NO IDEA what things like “pusher” are meant to meant to mean, and it never gets clarified anywhere - for people like me, its a tad confusing. No idea what a MOBA even is…

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There is also private pvp mode, which you can play against bots by yourself with a bot team to get a feel for the maps and modes.

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Also, the skill based matchmaking takes some time to get an accurate read on you, so the more you play, the more balanced your matches will be. I agree with everyone else here. Pick one character that you can get to know well. I would recommend that you pick an easier character and have a backup that plays similarly in case someone else picks your character. Practice in whatever mode you can, and a team always helps.

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Ooh! I never thought of that! Thanks!

Just try to learn! I wouldn’t expect to win or contribute anytime soon. It takes time to learn the mechanics. Just try to get better every game; pay attention to what other good players are doing and try to take note. And of course what every one else has said. Stick with it!


The buildables help push but almost more important is the fact that you gain experience from building them. So if you are falling behind in level or almost an important level like 5 or 10, focus on building some buildables for quick experience. This is really important on Overgrowth where there is a lot of available money.


The other thing is, this isn’t like other shooters. Focus on the objectives for now. I’d start with Meltdown, which is simpler in many ways. Stick with your minions all the way to the grinder. Destroy enemy minions. Build structures and shoot enemy structures (while learning where they are). Don’t chase guys way out of lane to start with. Fight when you have to, but do your best to retreat if ou are going to get wasted. Once you are comfortable with that and the timing of minion waves, then you can start to wander a bit between waves.


I am afraid that, for a number of reasons, many of the more casual players have moved on to other titles, leaving the “rough crowd.”

Just something to think about, most of the pubs I play with what I end up saying the most is “you have no reason to be there why are you there?” Chasing people into turrets, being overly exposed in a lane (unless you are a tank drawing fire), going alone just about anywhere (until you know when it’s safe to go alone), and pushing minions too far or by yourself are all occasions I have to remind them they are putting themselves at a serious risk for little to no reward.

In this game, it is more important NOT TO DIE then it is to get kills.


Like others said,it’s good to practice a character you like and feel comfortable with in PvE- it’s a non-toxic forgiving environment that lets you experiment with no stress. On the PvP part it depends on the mode, but on incursion:

(I know this advice is a bit chaotic and a bit of a wall of text but here’s some things out the top of my head)

-a pusher is a character that can “push” minion waves = kill enemy minions fast,single-handed
-a controller is a character that uses stuns,knock ups,knock backs etc. to disrupt enemies either to push them in spots/situation where they’ll die or to save his teammates from such situations
-a tank is supposed to be annoying, draw attention and force the enemy to deal damage to him, even if he dies it’s ok as long as he died so his team can kill 2+ enemies(of course it doesn’t always work)

  • a skirmisher such as Orendi is a hit & run character that is supposed to be an annoying and very dangerous source of damage
    -an assassin is a laid-back character that’s supposed to disrupt enemies that are in a “safe spot”, finish off running low hp enemies and (depending on character) ambush lone characters
    -a support is a character that’s supposed to keep the team members alive and fill any other role that the team might lack(if possible)

in Incursion your main objective is to push minion waves to the sentry and then damage said sentry, best in a situation where your team can dish out some damage to it too BUT you need to stay SAFE,always stay safe as long as you have the upper hand,if you’ve lost your first sentry it’s better to be more aggressive because you’ve got nothing to lose and the enemy thinks they have the upper hand so they might get careless.

You have to take into consideration team composition, for instance,when you want to build the lightning turret in the middle of Overgrowth at the start of the match make sure the enemy doesn’t have someone who can destroy it in seconds UNLESS you want to level up faster-it’s especially good for supports who don’t get too many minion kills/assists.

Speaking of xp,try to at least HIT some minions with your attacks if you focus more on player kills, because that assures you’ll get xp and being level 5 with your ultimate while the enemy team is still level 4 is a big deal.

If no one clears minion waves- clear minion waves- let that Oscar Mike attack your full shield sentry from the side tunnel and focus on killing minions- the little bots fire energy beams that MELT the sentries shield in seconds,so take priority with minions 90% of the time unless there’s a big chance to get a few kills on the enemy players.

Killing players and why it isn’t as important as killing minions- The main point of “clearing” an enemy player out of the field for a while(killing them) is so that the enemy teams push power is lessened which results in being able to push your minions further. Also,be confident. If you kill 3 enemy players in a short span of time and they’re still waiting to respawn- push like HELL- 2 won’t be able to do much vs 5 no matter how low hp your team is - take the advantage and go for the sentry!

thralls-- if your team managed to kill 2-3 enemy players going for thralls is a waste of time if you can’t kill them fast enough- thralls vs a full team are rarely able to get to the sentry. Also,by the same logic- if you see enemies going for thralls(mid) don’t go berserk and try to “gank” them without enough force. Scout from an advantageous position(ledge on your teams side), based on your team composition,members alive and in the vicinity take the call if it’ll be easy to kill the enemy players. Them fighting thralls isn’t really much of a disadvantage in the situation because the moment you “join” the fight the thralls will target you equally. If you know you can’t get stop the enemies from getting the thralls- just be ready for them and kill them ASAP(HEADSHOTS on thralls are VERY important).

If you’re getting pushed to your sentries position-DON’T PANIC- as long as you’re able to clear the minion waves and stay alive to clear the next ones you’re doing fine- when an enemy or two go for thralls- push the minion wave back a little so you can fight in the middle field again. In such situations the elite bot spawns come in handy- they soak a lot of daamge,either form players or minions and can be very helpful to do a push back or to(if you’re the one near the enemy sentry) get that final “meat…gear shield” for your small minions so they can damage the sentry. So spawning the elite bots at the right moment is important- one common tactic is to spawn them right after killing a thrall on your teams side- the elite bots might seem weak against a team of players but they can make a lone enemy retreat or even kill him if he’s not careful. Spawning them “just like that” with no consideration of what is going on on the map is a waste of time and resources.

Understand your role or adapt your character to one- sometimes the enemy team composition will let you roam freely but sometimes you’ll have to switch up your playstyle in order to adapt to the situation. If you enter the middle field and get eaten alive,then get there again and barely make it out after a few seconds:

-recognize what is causing this
-change your approach
-figure a way so that it’s not as effective

example: You play Orendi and the moment you get in the middle field you get downed to 1/2 hp- turns out they have a Marquis on their team and he has good aim


a) make sure your team is aware of his position and ask them to keep a closer eye on him so he can’t stand there and constantly snipe
b)change your angle of approach so he either doesn’t have a good view of you or won’t notice you cause he’s focused on a different portion of the playing field
c)stay back,observe his position on the map- get any opportunity you can to do some more pushing/killing and try to make it hard for him to get to another advantageous position.
d)jump in the lane to fire off your abilities on minions/enemies and then go back to get healed/recharge shields.

I have to stop here because I don’t have time atm to write a guide,especially one that is neat and comprehensive but I hope these bits help a little.

oh,one more thing about learning your character- Use your ENTIRE kit,pay attention to many “passives” characters have and make sure you understand them.


Don’t dismiss something as- “yeah,yeah,you don’t have to tell me what the main attack button does LOL” because actually they do,they do have to tell you. That’s why threads like “ISIC is weaksauce” popped up because no one bothered to read that he can fire charged shots. That’s why melee characters often fail- because they don’t finish their combo.
Learn what your quick melee does- it’s there for a reason and it has its uses in many situations.

also,pay attention to your HUD- if you see something you’re not sure what it is- get to know what it is,because there’s no HUD elements that are there for no reason.

also,map awareness- keep track of what’s going on on the battlefield- if you see a lonely tank vs two enemies- go help him instead of going for the shard crystal,if you see that the enemy team is at your sentry-stop attacking that thrall and run to save your damn sentry!(I have been in so many games where my team went for the middle thrall camp while the enemy minions were at our sentry- it was jsut sad- they killed the thralls,our sentry got downed to 70,the thralls they summoned got killed by the ongoing enemy wave + enemy team - in short: my team helped the enemies score by getting the thralls at the wrong time)

I HAD to add this cause these two things may be basic but they’re ESSENTIAL.


Wow, thats a massively comprehensive response! However, this post and all the others underline what my problem has been - approaching this game with the wrong mindset. Fresh out of Destiny, i wasnt ready for the change in game style…but now i know. Time to clear the slate, get back in and get to grips with this way of playing, and find the characters that work best for me.