Help. Please help. PLEASE

I had a feeling that was the case. Don’t feel bad, though. A lot of people come in here complaining about how they have x kills but their teammates suck. Some of those refuse to understand that getting kills isn’t what the game is about. There are a ton of helpful folks here, though, as you can see. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions as they arise.


Here’s gear suggestions for orendi.

  1. Attack damage, cool down, attack speed. This hits hard hits faster and hits more often.

  2. Movement speed, skill damage attack damage. This allows you to both chase your prey and escape chasers while allowing you to do more damage since nullify helps a bit with cool down.

  3. Attack damage with attack speed buff, skill damage with cool down buff,
    And finally some health regen with a bit of health buff. This gear load out will be much harder to come by since you need a specific subset of buffs on each gear but it will allow you to deal tons of damage quickly and stay in. Fight much longer. But RNG will make it take a while to obtain.

Here’s what a pusher is they use both their speed and damage to “push” the enemy back to their base and keep them on the defense.

And yes buildalbles make or break a game. Especially luring enemies to you and then use the Thumper to slow enemies a bit and damage them. Or use the accelerator to speed you up and slow them down or spawn a heal station as the enemies chase you to keep yourself alive while finishing them. In incursion having structures in base make them enemy pushes more difficult and middle structures help keep the enemy pinned near there’s. When a sentry dies and you can build stuff at its old location do it. It makes holding ground easier for you and can wreck someone when you spawn it last second as they near you. Trust me the surprise can hurt an enemy both literally and psychologically. It will most likely anger them causing them to lose focus and make poor choices or scare them away and fight on your terms.

One final and most important tip. Have fun changing things up every now and then. It never hurts to try a new combo, gear, or helix


If you want better practice for pvp than doing story missions you can always do as many bot matches as you want. It won’t show you how real players do things but you’ll at least get a feel for the pvp. Also a good way to try out new characters if you feel like you’ll hold your team back by trying them in an actual match


You are also full of great advice, thank you very much for the tips :smiley: especially the tips on gear, they’ll help a lot.

All you guys here have been so helpful, im really grateful for everything.

By putting these tips into practice, ive been on the winning side in Capture. Ive put down a couple of enemy players, and my team nearly won on a Meltdown match where 3 of us actually had mics. Man…communicating REALLY makes a difference.

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Thank you again! Im making some progress already now. Ive found Oscar Mike to be a good starter for me, but Orendi is still a cherished favourite. But i’ll keep practicing until i get better :smiley:

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OM is a great starter.


Oh it really does and never be afraid to ask to party up after a game. Worse thing is they’ll say no. I myself have met some great people over the years. Many of us still play together regularly.

Btw did you know orendi is the same voice actor as tiny

Oh and one last tip if you want a real challenge try advanced on hardcore mode. I got really good with Toby from just one game and never even played him before. Story mode does scale based on players and the harder it is the better loot. Just like in Bl. I got my first legendary that game too. Have a great time battling!! :slight_smile:

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There’s some great advice in here, just figured it might help you out too :wink:

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Yes, i recognised a lot of the voices so checked it on IMDB. they really did just get their old VAs from BL back, didnt they? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually, while i have your attention…

Im going through my gear, trying to make my “Orendi Blendi” loadout, and ive remembered something that confuses me - what the hell is “CC duration”?

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Cc is crowd control. stuns, slows, silence. Etc.

Most items reduce the length of cc effects on you or boost other stats after you have been cced

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Thanks! Now i understand that, i can make better, more informed decisions on my gear :slight_smile:

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I actually run damage reduction after cc on almost every build. Makes you harder to kill after stuns that kill most people. They come in pretty decent green gear with health regen+ And no negatives. It makes good cheap gear for pvp for annoying tank stuns. (Gali, Bolder, Montana, kelvin stuns are all sick stuns and they almost never get the kill off me) :slight_smile:

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Honestly, this game was like league to me.
It was meh until I found my character, after playing it for a bit the game opened up because I was better.

There’s only 25 (26 soon) characters, just try out a bunch of them and hopefully you find one that sticks for you. That Character was Thorn for me.

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Nice work @_Mojo. Funny enough I was just writing a “Rookie help guide” when one of my buddies let me know about your post. You totally beat me to it. Lol.

But On topic.

The most important thing I feel rookies never understand is that this game is decidely not “Deathmatch” never eever play it like a Team Deathmatch. I’m glad you got great advice @fenris83mc This community is great with helping folks out. Hope your experience improves soon!

Also because @Ryballs would do it anyway. The forums have a PS 4 community called “Battleborne Forumites” it’s open to all and im betting most of the users come from our little community here so check it out.

Happy gaming all!


i am also a former destiny player. 3k hours wasted on destiny, and no exaggeration there. it is so night and day. @Misguided had great information in regards to objective play. you will CONSTANTLY see people going for player kills right away at level 1. ignore them. just clear your minion wave and wait for the next one. farm some shards, see if they gave you an opportunity to take out a buildable quickly without overextending, then prepare for that next minion wave. you are waiting for a power spike point on your character, or for them to make a mistake and overextend, whichever comes first.

This is the most important information i can share with you. there’s no instant kill crap in this game like destiny. you have to actually outplay people in this game to beat them, not just catch them distracted for a quarter of a second. pay attention to what level your opponent is before you start looking into engaging for player kills. if they are like two levels higher than you, you would be much better served to smartly lurk around clearing some waves, building, etc. to try to catch up in levels. you are almost never on a level playing field in this game in encounters due to the leveling system. that took me a very long time to adjust to. in destiny you have just as much chance to kill the other person as they do to kill you the entire time. there are always odds in this game, though

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Nice to know im not the only one! I just dont see why i should rage-quit a game i only just bought without giving myselve a chance to improve. After all this advice, my experience improved a lot, i made a new friend because we were teamed together and we communicated, and i unlocked a bunch of new characters to try.

Loving this community so far!


And thats what we like to see. Another soul converted for the great Minreck.

Oh Also dunno if it came up before @fenris83mc but try to learn at least one Character from every class, so try to eventually have a Tank, Melee Assassin, Midrange, Support and Skirmisher under your belt. Not mastered, heavens thats hard but at least good enough that you can swap depending on your teams needs. They may not say it but having a teammate in the lobby that can swap roles is something everyone loves having.

Keep it up. :acmaffirmative:

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Yeah, im certainly going to try - thought i’d try and get used to Ambra as a healer, because i dont think i’d do well as Miko. ISIC seems hilarious, im trying out Toby too, and…well, im trying everyone really. Fun times abound!

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Ambras actually a bit harder then Miko, mostly due to her healing only stemming from her fire orbs or sunspots? I dunno for sure but I have yet to meat an ambra that heals as well as a good miko, That said word of advice if I may? Use your sunspots liberally and please put em near your tanks and melee guys first. I’ve played so many games where our Ambra either uses them Offensively only - so now I have to run into the fray, at low HP to heal- or only drops them at the bases which is pretty useless considering we have that hp station there already. I;ve seen some amazing Ambras too, but those few seem to just work at assassin or kill support. mostly building and working with the tanks to help wittle down the other guys or finish em off, so don’t overextend, she;s squishy.

Isic is a great support once he gets his ultimate. Played dozens of Isics and if you have a decent on your side you can push like nobodies business, he’s also a lovely target to hide behind :acmangry:

I love working with Toby players, specially once their shield get the helix that lets them heal great clutch savers. Imagine my shock when I first learned that. I was basically dead and our Toby ran in, dropped a Arc mine and threw up a shield. Took me a second to see the heal icon on my HUD and I was like " Your shield heal?"

He laughed " Sure, I speced into it, looked like you needed a hand and our healers being dumb"

“Your a god among adorable Penguins!” - We won that match largely thanks to our clutch Toby player-

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