Help please i am stuck

I have started uvhm and I suddenly get stuck in the crater (lost legion) do not get cut sceen is it a popular glitch or is my game save broken ?

You need to re-enable the movies either through the ini or if you added the “-nostartupmovies” command in steam you need to remove it.

now all my game saves are ■■■■■■ thank you gearbox now when leave a car I can not get in it I just walk straight through it and oxegon things are not working either.

GBX did not tell you to disable the movies =)

I’ve had the problem with not being able to leave the moonshot container, but as jd641 said, I was able to resolve it by removing the “-nostartupmovie” command line parameter in Steam. As soon as I get out of the container, though, I simply put it back in with no issues. I’ve not had any other problems in-game that I’ve noticed from this, and I wasn’t aware that anything happened to your save files because of it. This is only relevant if you’re on PC - if you’re on a Console, I have no idea.

pc and I fixed by removing the game and reinstalled (downloaded the game again) seams to do the trick ps sorry for my outburst earier

I have not done or toutched any config files or for that manor been in the instation files why should I my game saves are in the my documents ps sorry again

Yes, that makes sense. What you described sounded like corruption of data somewhere in your installed game. I’m glad you resolved it.