Help please no psycho!

Hello, as you can probably tell i am new to the forums here. I have been playing BL since friends showed me Borderlands 2. I was so excited I bought the Psycho pack. Played only as a Psycho to rank him up max. When I heard that there was going to be cross saving in Borderlands THC I was ecstatic. When I went to transfer the data… my Psycho wasn’t there! I asked my friend and his wasn’t either! Just his old character. Is anybody else having this problem? All my progress… GONE :’( I mean I guess it’s an excuse to start a new Psycho but still… :frowning:

What system are you on? I’m on PS3 and cross saved all of my characters to PS4. All of them transferred fine except my level 37 Nisha. I put in a support ticket and I’m waiting to hear back. You should probably put one in too.

Thank you very much! It was very frustrating finding all of my data gone!

You’re welcome, hope it all get sorted for you too! Oh, and welcome to the new forums!

How are you transferring? You could try the cross save / cloud save. Make sure the game is patched, have your psycho as the active character in BL2 (can only transfer 1 character at a time via cross save) upload him then boot the handsome jack collection and download the cross / cloud save. Worked like a charm for me.