Help power level my assassin

I have an OP8 Maya but started new game as Zero. Some help power leveling him would be greatly appreciated. Username is zerox2250. Thanks in advance

I’m on PS4 btw for anyone who wants to help me out

I also have a Zero (but rather high level) just started Normal Mode. I can invite you to join me and pull you when he goes through Normal Mode and TVHM (I will only play Main story missions). Besides, I still keep a lot of purple and orange items (below lv 62) and can give them to your Zero (I dont use them anymore). Sorry I cannot give you any boost at Pete Bar with my Op8 chars or something like that… But sometimes I can invite you when farming raid bosses at UVHM.

That is all I can do. Just add me if you need that kind of little help. It is nice to know you anyway.