Help power level my brother and I

My brother and I played Borderlands 2 pretty thoroughly on the PC a while back when it was released. Now we have PS4s and we purchased the Handsome collection. We’re excited to dig into all the extra content that’s included in the collection that we never got to with the game on PC. We’ve been playing through the game the past few days and while it’s been fun and nostalgic, we really want to get back to the higher levels like we were in the past. If anyone could help us it’d be greatly appreciated. PSN: Wiffleball_Tony (Me), OJMonkey (Brother).

i can give you two a lift. teacup775. if you don’t mind a granny dropping whoop ass.

What levels are you guys aiming for?

Well thank you very much. I can’t possibly mind anyone who helps us out. My brother especially got a kick out of your granny whoop ass response, so he’s already a fan. As far as the levels we’re aiming for we don’t really have a set goal in mind. Just would be happy to have as much help as your willing to give. I believe we hit 20 today and if I had to pick a number I guess I’d like to be above 50. We have plenty of time so you let us know and we’ll adjust to your schedule. We’re in the Central time zone ourselves. I’m headed to bed here soon, but probably first thing tomorrow I’ll send you a request on PSN.

Level 51 psn: drinkingcloud

Central time zone as well, I usually play around 11 pm just finished true vault hunter.