Help PS4 | "Good Against Remotes Is One Thing" Trophy

Hi all,
i cant get my last trophy in borderlands 3. it very difficult for me to do it and it will takes ages.
Can someone help to do it?
You can add me “Ward_iraqi” and please write name of the trophy to know that you came from here.


I am not sure that coop player will earn you the trophy… anyway the easiest way to do it is to use infinity pistol and fire continuously that’s how I did it personally, you don’t need to be a good shooter just a bit of luck.

with coop will earn the trophy and it confirmed and i cant find the infinity pistol.
do you still playing the game?

I don’t have ps+ so I can’t help you with coop, I can mail you an infinity pistol if you want

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i will be happy . Thanks a lot.
let me know when you send it.

i dont know how to thank you

You’re welcome, I ll be home in approximatively 6h I ll send you
you can already send me request psn: RHAAAALoovely

Thanks i will send when i be at home. i will be therein 5h.

It took me and a buddy working together, both using infinity pistols, to finally get it.

i sent a friend request from “Ward_Iraqi”

infinity sent enjoy

will update u about the trophy

Moze with unlimited ammo build with a dictator in tripod mode while aiming down the sights.

Like you I couldn’t get it done until I did what I said in the first line.

If you still can’t get it done we can try to get together.

I got the trophy … Thanks to olivier_shady

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Hey can you send me the infinity pistol please Bruce_WayneX_

I’m trying to get it too if you want to add me

Sorry i give the game to my friend.