Help! Purchased Creature Slaughter Dome and Can't enter

Today I bought the DLC creature slaughter dome. I did all the missions, and it still won’t open the door. Is there a trick to it? What all do I need to do? When I get to the building the travel isn’t there. HELP!

I think I have the same problem. When you go to your borderlands 2 dlc menu, and go over the Creature Dome, does it say it’s actually downloaded? For me, (it says “Not Downloaded”) I can’t even download the DLC to begin with, even though the funds were deducted from my wallet

@dana_scully_x, and @scionoflegend.

Please place a support ticket if you’ve not done so already;

Another gentlemen is experience a similar problem for TPS in another thread. I can almost assure you that the staff are well aware of it and trying to get to the bottom of such issues, but they may not necessarily be an issue at Gearbox’s end.

I wouldn’t know though. Don’t have that kind of knowledge.

Please be as descriptive as you can about any oddities that may be happening along with this issue.

Also; contacting the support for the respective consoles will only take a bit of time and may assist in the process.

Feel free to keep me updated as well as ask me any questions you may have.

I contacted Sony already, apparently it’s a developer issue. I already sent a ticket, I was informed to delete the Game Data Utility for the “problem game” (im guessing that’s the BL2 DLC) and restore the file system and database from the ps3 Safe Mode. I ended up having to re-download all the content, but the Creature Dome is still impossible to download. The email I was sent tells me that if that didn’t work, then to delete my psn profile from the console, then recover it back. However, with this issue, I doubt that would actually work. That said, I’m glad that the staff are aware of the problem at least.

Thank u very much for ur reply. I think I am going to try and get this refunded on live support

The creature domes are excellent fun (and a great source for Vermi and to farm the LLMs during Doctor’s order).

I’d recommend it up and down, but if you can’t get it, you can always give a whirl on the Handsome Collection. :slight_smile:

Before doing any of this, please contact Gearbox’s help desk. I’ve heard they’re really quick to get back to people.

The Gearbox help desk or 2k? Because when I try to submit a ticket to
it just links me to the 2k support website, which I already submitted to.

Thank u, after reading this I went and requested a refunded and they gave it to me, u should do the same

Will do, going to see if I can get a refund from sony now. Out of curiosity, are you able to actually download the Creature Dome pack now?

Glad that was resolved mate! Sorry you couldn’t enjoy it. :frowning:


Going to check as soon as i get my refund

Looks like I need to wait 3-5 business days for sony to respond to my request for a refund ._. All this headache just for the rocket launcher.