Help reaching OP8 (Gear and Assistance)


Me and my girlfriend have been stuck trying to reach OP8, we are currently at OP7 but we can’t get past the assassins.

Our two characters are

Grog Nozzle, DPH Gunzerker

Both characters are reasonably equipped without being brilliant.

If someone can either help us with a run through OP8 or are willing to trade for gear to rocket jump it would be greatly appreciated (We have been trying to farm a Sham sheild for the last 3 days but have only gotten two bitch SMG from approximately 180 runs now).

We have following items up for trade for either a run through to OP8 or a Sham sheild and two rocket launchers.

OP 7 Items
Deep Veruc
2 x Rapid Infinity Pistol
2 x Dum Pa Nukem Rocket Launchers
1 x Dippity Nukem Roket Launcher
2 X Critikal Hit Splasher Blashter Shotguns (One Elec and one Fire)
1 x No Element Bitch SMG
1 x Legendary Cat Class Mod (Siren)

OP 6 Items
Infinity Pistol (No element)
Intense Unkempt Harold