Help recovering Borderlands Account

Hi. I had the game a long time ago, probably with a few Expansions and all. And now i felt like playing the game all over again BUT i don’t remember where was it that i had my borderlands account at.

Anyone knows how to recover it or where i should go to ?
Need help plz =D !

What platform? If it’s PC, than I would imagine your steam account would have it.

Similarly, if it was on 360/PS3 it would obviously be XBL/PSN. There’s no account specific to the game/publisher for the original Borderlands. You could poke around on whatever consoles you have to see which one has the Borderlands saves - hopefully, you didn’t delete them or sell the console!

it was PC but it wasn’t on steam at that time.

T_T ill keep searching for the CD/DVD.
If anyone else comes up with something let me know. ty.

If you know your CD-key, then you should be able to activate it on steam and just D/L it.

aight. ill try finding that cursed CD. thx for all the replies.

SEE !!! there was a way to get your game code back but i cant find it any more!

When i hit the link it has on the bottom a page pops up with
“The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.”

Use the product keys from those emails on steam and you should be good to go.

Tells me to please activate first the original game T_T

Not even the download page works for those DLC.

Yea you need the original game for the DLCs of course. So the question is: Can you figure out what your Key is for the base game?

I sent an email to gearbox. lets hope they can work something out.
i even have the invoice of the game i bought… hope its enough.