[help] Red Chests farm location

Hi guys,
im searching a good red chest location to farm for this new event…i found a good one into jackpot dlc but i forgott where this location is…can someone help me please? :smiley:
(i don’t try it yet but the maliwan chest near gigamind is a red chest???)

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Jackbot has best odds with 2 chests I think. (plus doesn’t seem to matter mayhem level so you can one shot his phases on M1 and get there faster)

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oh…thanks a lot !I’m going to try it now .

Edit: Did i miss something? i killed jackbot many times but i can’t find the red chest in the room …they are supposed to spawn after jackbot die?Like on the pedestals of jack’s statues?

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: never seen that room opens after i kill jackbot … :sob:


I want to give you a hug so much lol

Droughts on Pandora. Chest under the Marcus machine, chest under the sign behind Ellie’s garage another in the area where you kill dump truck. Also there’s a one listed for the roof of Ellie’s garage I’ve not look for yet . Pretty quick and easy

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ill try to farm these later on,for now il farming these from jackbot,thoug i can’t oneshot him,i don’t know how really…(im too lazy to go sanctuary just to get my corrosive ion cannon… and not sure it works with all those stages)

There is one near norman bates spawn you can farm a good cutsman if you don’t got 1 and a red chest. I think the katagawa ball chest is a red one as well.


there’s one on the way to the Fabricator


Found this last night and it’s helpful for finding all 57 of them.


hmm what about a shredfier?..it drops only from raging titan??

Hmm thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Corrosive Custman, cuts him down every time even on MH3 and 4 if you have a high dps build. I typically fire before his shields drop. Timed right he is down before he is even up

i have a good fire one with a 125% fire damage increase annointment,still need to find a corrosive/shock annointed too.
Btw,im farming a redline and guess what…the toilets are considered red chest,so we have one right next to the spawn point near redline farm spot :smiley:
Edit : Not sure if it’s a red chest…i just have 6 leggendaries from it in a row,but now i don’t get one…

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I farmed for red chests last night for a couple hours and seriously had the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I only farmed a couple, primarily the one by Borman Nates. I got most of the items I hadn’t gotten during the frenzy event. From that chest I got no less than 2 legendaries and more often than note I got 4. I used an artifact that gave me luck and I was at Mayhem 2. I finally got a Cutsman from Borman and a Red Fang from the chest. I got a crap ton of others as well until I went to Carnivora to farm. Same deal there with respect to the number of legendaries per chest. GB did it right this time. I’ve finally got enough to complete my Radiation build for FL4K!