Help! Save file broken!

Hi, played to level 35 and all of a sudden when I play single or online it starts my lvl 35 Zane at the very beginning of the game. I’ve been emailing 2k and Epic tech support for weeks and they just don’t seem to get it. The character I spent hours on doesn’t work, not only does it start at the beginning, it starts there every single time, even if i try to play through, it does not save my progress. I’m very frustrated and don’t want to roll a new character. They’ve told me to reinstall and that the cloud save will fix it. No. Both the local save and the cloud save are corrupt. Can someone just hook it up with a level 35 Zane save? Or perhaps someone at Gearbox can FIX it, the tech support I’ve gotten so far is SOOO far off the mark, they can’t even seem to grasp the problem I’m having and give random solutions to problems I’m not encountering. PLEASE HELP. Gearbox, Ill send you my broken save, go ahead and load it up and see for yourself what the issue is. ITS UNPLAYABLE. spent $160 on two copies of this game for a friend and myself and so far am supremely disappointed with the help I’ve gotten.

I think all saves that are online, to “download”, are mostly lv.50.

  • Head over to the following directory

Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/SavedSaveGames

  • Now, move or rename the .sav file of the corrupt character like 1.sav to 1.sav.corrupt
  • After that, rename the matching .tmp backup file after the original name of the corrupt character file like 1.sav~RF41d945e.tmp to 1.sav

This method has been reported to work for many users, and we hope it works for you as well.

found this online.hope it help’s.

You didn’t say how far along you were but if you’re interested, here’s my level 35 Zane that just completed the first few missions on TVHM. Just copy into your saved games folder and rename to the next highest number.

I hope this site is ok, I did a quick search for small file sharing

There’s no tmp files in that directory for me, have selected to view hidden files too :frowning:

Thanks! Appreciate this very much. It’d sure be a hoot if gearbox could just create a new sa ve file for me at the spot I was. Surely couldn’t be that hard. Don’t care about the loot so much as the story progress.