Help .. Something major has changed in the game

When I logged on to BL3 today I went to enter a Shift Code and I couldn’t access the Shift section. I then was told the game was running off-line. I checked my wifi and it’s OK. The Network settings in the game are OK. How can I go back online? The game keeps telling me that “this feature requires all active players be connected to Gearbox Software Shift”. As far as I know I have been connected to Shift across the entire BL franchise. The game ECHOcast Settings in Social shows my Shift Account Not Connected and Streaming service setting is off. I couldn’t find Shift on my PC so I downloaded the system again. Things then got scary. The Shift log in screen wanted my permission to read all my emails and send emails in my name. Surely this is must be illegal. I backed out of the system straight away. So some questions: 1) how do I get the game back online; 2) how can I enter Shift Codes; 3) why does Shift want to read all my emails; 4) why does Shift want to send emails in my name, and 5) assuming I give permission how can I find who they have sent emails to and find out what they have said.


not illegal, those are just normal app permissions, it feels bad when you read the permissions themselves, but sadly that’s just what they’ve always been doing.

They just have to ask now.

Anyway the issue with shift seems to just be a normal bug, sometimes shift disconnects you, which keeps you from playing online etc. That bug even exists on console, I’d be in a match and get disconnected or be stuck in offlline mode, when my ps3 was already logged in to psn.

and because the game sees you as offline, naturally all the online social features don’t work. I think the problem will go away once you accept everyting and log back in.

But don’t just do what i say, take a look around online see if this is happening elsewhere first. hope you get a solution.

When GB was nerfing everything good about this time last year, offline was the best option to play. Not so much now though … especially since GB has been recently buffing a bunch of the stuff they perviously nerfed.

Is taking Shift down for maintenance about to do weird things like suddenly cause a bunch of weapons to suddenly nerf their damage output and disable effects like losing the Maliwan Storm Sniper Orbs failing to spawn?

Cause that is what just happen to me around the same time this thread was posted about shift.

A friend of mine just recently logged in to check their computer and game. Her computer has been off since 8pm central time and they are seeing how their weapons have all been nerfed and she picked up her own storm to see if it spawns orbs and it doesn’t.

So this isn’t an isolated incident.

Apparently the whole weapons sudden nerf from no where is a Shift maintenance things.

The Friend of mines weapons suddenly are back where they should be and their Storm sniper is shooting orbs again.

I have to wait to verify it, since I did the whole knee jerk, uninstall/reinstall thing and still got 30 minutes left on re-downloading it.

But then, why are weapon stats linked to shift service working?

(30 minutes later… because the forms don’t allow more then 3 back to back post)

OK! Just finished Re-installing BL3.
Weapons are working normally again.

Why are Mayham Modifiers and weapons special effects connected to the Shift service?

A lot of the recent weapon/skill balancing is still tied to the Hotfixes and hasn’t been fully patched into the game yet. The Shift service delivers those hotfixes.

So when Shift goes down, Hotfixes do not get applied.

My hotfixes still won’t load. Also says I need to be on the PlayStation Network to play Co-op but I’m already on it.

Might try clearing the ps4 cache. Shift is back up. To do this you just have to do a full shutdown and remove the power cord for 30 seconds.