HELP! SP owner and I can't get the OP!?!?!

So I own the season pass and when I went to play the story OP it said I had to buy it with platinum or the season pass??? No clue what to do so if somebody could help me out that would be great! Has this happened to anyone else per chance??

On which console do you play? I had issues with my SP on XB1 before (with characters though).

I recommend to write a support ticket on GBX Battleborn support page, they helped me quiet fast when Pendles would´nt unlock for me.

Do a support ticket. They’ll probably want proof of purchase or something.

My buddy bought the season pass and they gave him a key for Alani and Pendles, but when Ernest cane out he didn’t get one. He had to submit a ticket, take a very specific screenshot, and ended up finally getting it like 2 weeks later. So much for early access to new characters… haha. Hopefully they’ve simplified and sped up the process.

Thanks for the link! Is there a time period on how long they take to reply???

They should reply within 48 hours maximum, but when I made a ticket they responded really fast (1 hour) and we had a fast email-exchange so I had my hero-key within 6 hours.
I guess it depends on how much they have to do at the time.

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Did this ever get resolved?

Apparently my buddy still hasn’t had his fixed. He had the season pass, received the season pass title and keys for Alani and Pendles, and then when Ernest came out he didn’t receive a key and he no longer had the season pass title. He was rank 100 way before Ernest came out so there’s no way he spent the key on any other character. He submitted a ticket and it never got resolved. So then the Story Op came out and he couldn’t access it because it says he doesn’t have the season pass. He submitted a new ticket the day it came out and sent a pic of his gamertag and proof of purchase of the SP. they finally got back to him and said they’re sending this to the “Escalation Team”. Neither of us knows what that means. Haha.

@JoeKGBX could you help us out? He’s not on the forum. Here’s his Ticket #1865452 He’s a very loyal player and loves the game, but is understandably annoyed with this problem. He still hasn’t received his key for Ernest as well and hasn’t purchased with points because he figured they’d give him the key when they resolve it.

Thanks for pinging me. Checking on this now.

Edit: Just heard back from our support team and the ticket was closed as “resolved”. If your buddy is still having issues, have him reach out to them again.

Thanks! He just checked and it’s all there and good! He didn’t receive any email notification that it was resolved so I got to be the bearer of good news thanks to you haha.