*Help* Stuck in Sanctuary, Fast Travel Broke

Help Stuck in Sanctuary, Fast Travel Broke …

It will only allow me to fast travel to Sanctuary …

I’ve done everything I can do and have a ton of missions to choose from but I can travel anywhere…

Any Ideas? I don’t want to start a new Character.

I had a situation whereby I couldn’t access Eden-6 from any fast travel machine or through the menus. What I did was go on the deck/bridge of Sanctuary, then access the console that allows you to light travel to a particular planet, and then go towards the back of the ship and use Ellie’s drop pod to get to the planet.

After I did this, Eden-6 was accessible to me again.

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I had the same problem and the same half fix (Drop pod) till I found a reddit post. Pull up your map and go to orbit view. Then select the planet you are in orbit around. The various zones (maps) will be displayed, and you can pick anyone and fast travel to any of the stations you already discovered in each map!


I was stuck on Sanctuary and was trying to get to Skywell-27. I was able to get to Meridian Metroplex and found a fast travel station to there. Hope that will help.