Help: The best time to start the first two DLC's -Normal Mode/True Vault Hunter Mode-

Hi, I’ve been playing this game on and off for several years, but the question of when and where to start the DLC’s always gets me.
I do like to do all the side quests, which means then I end up being the right level for the main quests, however, that then means when I start any of the first two DLCs i’ll end up being way overleveled for the main quest and subsequent side quests by the time I finish, and then the game becomes easy. Is there a certain way that you guys like to do it? Should I just stop taking main game side quests and let myself become underleveled to start any of the two DLC’s so when I come back I’ll be only slightly overleveled? Is there ever a chance to play all four of the DLC’s in one normal mode playthrough whilst having the main game scaled appropriately? Or is it not exactly possible?

Thank you

Before Bunker, I sometimes find myself short on xp, in normal, but ususally I play the dlcs on uvhm almost exclusively as the level does not matter

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If I’m running a new character from scratch, I don’t do the DLCs until UVHM. There’s enough in the main game to do should I need a bit more XP (plenty of side quests that can be taken at any time without losing something you’d like to have at max level when starting the next play-through).

Don’t forget that there are also the Head Hunter packs if you really need XP but don’t want to gain too much.


Here are a couple of 5 year old reddit topics that I used when I was starting.

Myself, I like to do DLC’s when I want one of the special items that they have, like Pimpernels in Captain Scarlett’s, or a Bee and regenerating grenade in Tiny Tina’s, but I have to balance that with trying to not overlevel.


This, unless I really do need a certain piece of equipment (ergo, a close to perfect-parted Torgue Ravager from the Torgue vendors in DLC2, or the Slow Hand from the same DLC).

With my current newborn Siren, i did just scarlett for normal mode, took a slag pimp and a plain sandhawk for utility. Tvhm i did first of all Tina, for the grog and will be the same for uvhm, probably going to take on Scarlett again before i start uvhm

Generally, I ignore the DLC in Normal and TVHM. The big reason is UVHM: if I do all the DLCs in each mode, I figure I’ll be over Level 50 by the time I finish TVHM. With UVHM scaling to your level at all times, and TVHM only scaling up to Level 50, if you get too many levels past 50, you start making things harder for UVHM. The more levels you get, the worse off you are when you start UVHM. I therefore ignore the DLCs, and even a number of side missions in the main game, so when I start UVHM, I’m not at a huge disadvantage.

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you can balance doing dlc’s on tvhm if you’re underleveled , and also get some good gear to fight bosses, i believe you can speedrun the game if you’re already 50 anyway on tvhm

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