Help through Raid On digistruct Peak (New request)

HI, I am looking for someone to assist/accompany me through RODP.

I an now lev 72 playing zero which I don’t really like but am determined to finish the game now I have got this far.

If you can play UK times 10am-10pm please add me as a friend on xbox live crypticthree and send me a message when you can play…


Youll find more like-minded people in the 360 section, so Ive moved your thread there. Happy looting!

Just to add I do not mind how good or bad you are at playing I am just struggling to get through the end bit and would also like a little company after hours of solo play :smile:

Read the topic I have posted here, I can help

message sent on live.

What I would like now is someone who will go through the levels from start to finish with me.

If anyone has time or needs someone to team up with please add crypticthree on your xbox and message me.

UK times 10am-10pm