Help, tips, anything. UVHM

I’ve recently started UVHM, and I can barely mob at best. I’ve been farming Sir Tinder, Esquire, but the chest literally only gives me Rolling Thunder. I can give you my character build, items, whatever. I’m lvl 61, Legendary Siren. Message me at GHO2THAV0C. (Cheesy name, I know :laughing:)

Ok, let’s start by seeing your build, and if you could list your gear (with level). You can show us the build here:

Post the link once you’ve made it. Legendary Siren is her best all round class mod, so we should be able to come up with something.

God, I should’ve used the computer. Why doesn’t the Xbox have a copy function?

Blight Phoenix is a waste of points, and Cloud Kill is essential. Are you playing solo? If so, Res is pointless. I’d recommend this:

Also your Class Mod boosts some skills that make them worth using a point, not 5. Mind’s Eye is just ok, worth one point for the 6/5 with the Class Mod. Flicker too isn’t really all that good, again worth one point for the boost.

Immolate is actually fairly helpful, as is Helios. I’d go 5/5 in Immolate and use whatever you need to get to ruin after everything else in Helios.

Accelerate is good, but really you don’t need 5/5 if you’re boosting it with the class mod, 6/5 is adequate.

Your next points I would spend in Ward and Quicken, then Inertia. After that you’ll be level 64, from there i’d spend your points in either maxing out Accelerate (if you need it) or Kinetic Reflection.

What gear are you using?

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  1. How did I not know about this website? Seriously.
    and 3. You got time to join a game?

Not at the moment. Also, point 2 is more of a development of point 1… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am aware of what point 2 was supposed to imply, lol.
Maybe later tonight?

If you want a co-op buddy to help, I won’t be any help. UVHM scales to the highest player in the game, and all my high characters are level 72. I’m sure someone here has 61 characters to help out with though :slight_smile:

No prob, thank you anyway. Now I just have to reach 72, MUA-HAHAHA-Ha-ha-hmm. lol.

This is debatable, though for a pre-72 build I’d recommend it too.

I don’t think it’s debatable at all. For general play (not for specific stuff) it’s her most well rounded COM. Binder if good, but Siren gives better all round boosts.

After over 4k hours in this game, 2k alone with Maya, I disagree, it certainly is debatable.

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Yes, I’d tend to agree that the Leg Siren is the best all-rounder for me. I prefer Leg Cat for killing Rabid anythings with a decent SMG, but the Leg Siren boosts so many always-on skills. I tend to have it as default and switch to others for specific circumstances. Not quite sure where I stand with the Leg Binder. Tried it but didn’t feel it offered significant advantages over the other two mentioned to use it much

Thanks man, I enjoyed the humour in those posts :laughing:. Sorry this is so late, 4 levels till 72! I hope to join my friend and gain some OP after that, then work on my krieg, and maybe the bugzerker.

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Hi, how’re you?

I’ve had better times but am well, yourself?

Hey, sorry I’m late, but as of now, doing fine!