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I’ll try not to make this long, I’m a new player to the Homeworld franchise (neither 1 or 2) and the multiplayer games I’ve had up to now have been… interesting. Basically I am looking at some tips from better players, please however: no “think in 3D”, “read descriptions” or general “play better” tips :smile: , I am more looking for: 1. Ideas of what races are good at doing what, 2. What ships are not to be used right now (due to balance/bugs) 3. How to use the different ships classes (ie: should I be sending my corvets or frigs in close combat or not for example) 4. Maybe some build orders or strategies?

To give a quick idea I usually play 2v2 with a friend who has played HW2 (but sucks as much as me right now) he usually plays Vagyr and me Hiigarian (or however you write that).
We try to have one of us go for fighters/corvets and the other for frigs and capitals if the game drags on slightly.
I usually start the game by building 2 additional resource collectors (usually spliting my collector between 2 patches, one with my MS and the other with the carrier) then a research module and then simply focus on pumping out whatever class I’m supposed to go for. I usually pump out a scout and have him waypoint around the map during the whole game. That’s it, no additional complexity, we usually loose before complexity can occur. Most of our losses simply seem to be from getting overwhelmed, if I go for frigs, I have 5 and the enemy has 10 or 20+bombers, and through loosing by numbers we still see the enemy being able to have more ships classes then us… we really don’t know where we are going wrong in all this…

Seem I made this long, woops :smile:

Quick edit: I also just have a feeling my ships just don’t fight properly most of the time. It is probably just an impression as I play most the game in “overview mode” but I feel even my specilized ships just don’t do well against what they are supposed to be good against, I use the attack move Ctrl+A a lot and last game realised maybe pressing ctrl and boxing the targets seems to work better… I never just right click anymore as that never really seems to work for me and my ships just attack something else then the target I told them too…

This mainly applies to Hiigaran/Vaygr. Right now the hw1 races don’t seem to fair too well, especially mid to late game when upgrades start to give the Hiigaran/Vaygr giant advantages.

First things first. Always count the number of asteroid latch points in a field and build the number of harvesters to max out your main + the expansion your carrier or a mobile refinery will go to. Large Asteroids (3 latch points), Medium Asteroids (2 latch points), Small Asteroids (1 latch point). So if your main has 4 points and the expansion has 5 build 3 harvesters between your MS and carrier (6 starting + 3 extra = 9). Another thing you can do on low mains that start with 4 points is to double up. 6 starting + 2 (1 MS, 1 Carrier) on your main then fill the expo too. The way harvesters collect it is most efficient to have either the same number of collectors as latch points or double. That should help you with your starts. As for the rest usually build a fighter facility (or 2) and start churning our interceptors. If you don’t go double fighter have your MS start a research module. Build a scout and see what the enemy is doing, if they are skipping fighters you might want to get some corvettes yourself or even get a destroyer/frigates out instead. Know what the enemy is doing and build the counter.

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  • 1 to getting your economy up and running quickly and efficiently.

Also +1 to finding out what your opponent is doing. It also helps to have some scout squadrons to counter any scouts in your area. Know what they’re doing and prevent them from knowing what you’re doing.

Build fighter module for your carrier and all construction modules for your mothership. Also build at least one research module. The idea is to give yourself options.

From there build and research what you need. Pay attention to the tips in the build menu (e.g. xxx is strong against yyy, weak against zzz, etc.).

As Vaygr, I tend to like strike craft. Historically (HW2), that was a Vaygr strength. I can’t remember Hiigaran and don’t play them as often (since the guy I play with generally plays them).

As Vaygr get a research module on your flagship, research corvettes then go double corvettes on your your MS and carrier. build 5 missiles corvettes and research lasers. build missiles /laser corvettes untill you have 12 of each. get a sipyard Research BC and build BCs then Destroyers.

People will say it again and again.

Make sure to maximize resource operations.

Kushan and Taiidan are a little underpowered right now, but if you understand how their ships work, with some practice, you may hold your own.

Gravwell Generators STOP strikecraft. One generator can stop a whole fleet while your Assault Frigates pick them apart.

Minelayer Corvettes are a forgotten ship. I used them last night after setting up a mine field and the entire enemy fleet of frigates was destroyed (10 or so) in less than 10 seconds. That field was set up with just one corvette.

It’s very important that at the beginning of each match, you do one of two things; Either decide on a strategy and research according to that, or you spy on your enemies with probes and scouts to counter whatever they’re doing.

You DO NOT want to waste time researching or building things that you don’t need because unfortunately, lots of players stay on top of their research, so they tech up fast. And if you fall behind. . . before you know it, cruisers are coming your way and you don’t have anything to deal with them properly. (I recommend minefields. Too few people use them right now, so it’s unexpected. And it prevents capital ships from coming anywhere near where you set them up at)

Constantly probe your enemy’s mothership. It also helps to set up probe networks between your mothership and your opponent’s, to give you an early warning when a fleet starts heading your way.

HW1 races are pretty underpowered compared to their HW2 counterparts, but I’ve had some success with just overwhelming the enemy with scouts. Since formations are nerfed I usually skip interceptors and go straight for multi-gun corvettes, which are much more effective anti-fighter platforms despite their newly discovered lack of discipline.

Thanks for all the feedback people, the number of miners/asteroid is the kind of stuff I was especially looking for so thanks for that. I do however have a few other questions now (also a lot of you seem to answer for HW1 races, which I do no play, we are playing the HW2 and still getting killed :smile: ) :

  1. A lot of you mention probing, why would I use multiple probes that will most likely get shot down instead of the 1 scout I mention I use? If i waypoint him so he keep moving constantly he usually never gets shot down and I get all the info I need.

  2. Maybe I have just been having horrid luck but bar maybe one map, all the ones I have played are super cramped. Not small mind you but the resources themselves seem to usually be: a initial patch 3/4 of the way to the middle and the rest bang in the middle, forcing everyone to rush it as soon as possible. Is that how most of the maps are or just bad luck? The ones not in the center also mine out quite quickly, again forcing a fight for the center which becomes: “win the center and win the game, no chance to come back”

  3. A lot of you mention the adventages the HW2 races get near the mid and later game, however, following from n:2, we never seem to get there, either getting roflstomped by a huge amount of defenders (are those a bit too strong right now? I thought I read that somewhere) or just plane fighters/corvets, that again, seem to always outnumber us. Should I turtle? build defences?

  4. I got 2 conflicting answers regarding modules, one side tells me to open up my options, get all the construction modules on MS and get multiple ship class modules and others tell me not to build extra stuff and just focus on the 1 or 2 things I need. (that was my initial idea of going only frigs, as there is one that exists that works against every ship classes, but I just thought, can frigs be a fighting force all on their own? or do they really crucially need meat at the front?)

Long post again sorry, but thanks again for all the great answers!

quick edit little 5. how do you guys usually form up and attack, seperate ships by groups by what they are good against? or all together for a versatile force? do you bandbox attack? attack move? right click attack? micro individual ships? (I usually can’t even click on individual ships due to perspective and clutter)

Since I’m someone that advocated versatility, I’ll offer some addition thoughts. By the way, I tend to have tunnel vision a lot and don’t always take my own advice at the outset.

In HW1, in particular, there were various strats. For example, a lot of people would build a swarm - usually corvettes. The idea is to hurt your opponent’s resource operations and then finish them off. If this is your strat, researching beyond cap ship drives (to get resource controllers) didn’t make sense because you’re going to build fighters and corvettes. Maybe later you tech up to ion frigates. Another HW1 strat was grav wells - a great counter to a swarm. In that case, you don’t need to research of build fighters (except for a few scouts initially) because you’re going to build assault frigates and grav wells.

In HW2, I’ve been noticing that the game seems to reward a blend of craft. I’ve been playing a lot of comp stomps though and that’s particularly true in that case. Against a live opponent, things can get different. However, I still think it’s good to have options in HW2. That way, if you see an opponent doing something, you have a counter available to you.

Finally, if the game (HW1 or HW2) is on a large map, it’ll probably be a rather long game and the shift will naturally go to cap ships. If you’re teamed up, focusing can be a good idea. One partner goes swarm, while the other techs up.

TLDR answer, there is no perfect strat. If there was, everyone would use it and all games would end in a draw.

p.s. - I haven’t found turtling to be a good idea. Since resource patches tend to be spread out (in 3D), turtles usually just eventually run out of RUs.