Help to defeat Invincible Empyrean Sentinal - XBOX ONE

Need help defeating invincible empyrean sentinal, level 29 gladiator, looking for people same level or above to help. Gamer tag Is NippleSnapper

I could but im only lvl 22

not sure if you’ll still be online by the time I get home(4pm PST) but I’d love to help you. I have a level 30 Nisha I could use to help? I even have some pretty good gear I am willing to share. :smile:

GT: Kurtdawg13

level 25 now willing to help

Yeah just add me I’ll hit you up dude

Yeah sure that’s cool add me

I’ll assume your GT is your name in the forums here?

Edit: Couldn’t find you. my GT: Kurtdawg13 you can add me and i’ll confirm.