Help to op8 have op8 grog in return

(Rixowned) #1

Looking for somebody to help power level me to op8 currently 45. Lost my old 360 save with the switch to xbox one. A friend helped me with some guns hence the nozzle for anybody willing to help


Anybody that can help gt rixowned.

Anything else that would be needed I would be able to try and source

(hllewellyn) #2

Is there any particular way you wanted to level up or do you just care about getting there?

(Rixowned) #3

No I don’t mind how. I’m op1 at the moment just need to get to op8

(hllewellyn) #4

Cool. I’ve got a few OP8 characters so if I joined you game at the Peak on lower levels I should be able to help you get through them pretty easy. I have kind of a restricted schedule though. What’s your availability like?

(Rixowned) #5

I’m kind of free when ever when’s next best for you?

(hllewellyn) #6

Where are you time-wise? I’m in Florida (EST)

(Rixowned) #7

I’m over in UK. GMT timezone

(DROxTheTyrant) #8

Hey if you guys are still working on this i would love to join im op7 need help also to get to op8