Help/trade with mechromancer head?

I’ve heard a few different things concerning Gaige’s XXX head. Most normally, that it is a rare drop from Terramorphous. I’ve farmed that stupid thresher for nearing a week now, and sometimes for like 5 hours a day. Is this truly the only way to get it? Do I need to be in UVHM or something? (Switching between tvhm and uvhm currently)
It simply does not seem like it’s going to drop for me and it’s driving me crazy.
If anyone has an extra one or one they do not need, please let me know if i can take it off your hands. I have quite a few legendaries items willing to trade if you want, though they are around level 55.

Gaige’s XXX Head can only be gotten from Terramorphous. Fortunately, you can get it in Normal mode. So, that is the best mode to farm Terramorphous if you are simply trying to get one of the rare heads or skins.

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