Help tvm very hard weapons do nothing

Hi iv done the game and am now on tvm managed to do loads of missions and play loads of story up to when sanctuary files away but now my weapond so nothing they are absolutely crap im level 40 the caraters are lever 37-40 and its impossible even with people any ideas to help me please

Nothing should be impossible on TVHM, even with mediocre weapons other than some raid bosses (even that’s questionable). If it’s the part where you have to get the fast travel back on line and you’re struggling with all the loaders, it’s sometimes better dying and respawning outside the town and picking some off or even go on the roof. I’ve found none really cross the entrance. Other than that, nothing is really too taxing.


Use some golden keys to get some good gear (codes on facebook, twitter etc)
Complete the pirate DLC to get the sandhawk and some treasure room gear
Complete Mercenary day to get the ggod chest at the end
Get a mate to help you through
Do side missions to become over-levelled (there’s no need to save side missions now that we have UVHM)
Get a transfusion grenade (longbow, short fuse - throw out as sson as you start taking health damage)

Oh and specifically for all those loaders - grab some corrosive gear. A green Vladof sniper with corrosive will eat those pesky loaders alive - plus there’s an ammo machine right there in Overlook.

Hope that helps - TVHM is hard for new players - veterans forget that!

TVHM is a lot harder for sure, but it isn’t supposed to be that hard, even for new players. What level are your weapons? You should always keep your inventory close to your level (you’ll see that in UVHM this will truly become a matter of life and death). If you’re running around with weapons ten levels lower than the enemies you’re facing they’re not going to do much damage at all. Also, are you matching the right elements to each type of enemy? Always remember: Fire for flesh, shock for shields, corrosive for armor. That helps a lot. If all of that fails, use slag. Other than that, do side missions to level up some more and spend some golden keys to get some good on level purple gear, like Master_Beef suggested. Now, if you’re doing all that and still can’t kill anything, I honestly don’t know what’s going on.

Thanks guys think I need to do more side missions and get better guns, mabe start the dlc aswell think iv got ahead of myself as for my weapons they are all round about 2500 damage thanks

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One problem with the golden key scenario, he’s at the part where he’s to reach Sanctuary for the 2nd time. So doesn’t have access to the chest.

You can jump back to normal mode and access the chest. Then back to tvhm. :smile: