Help w/ Krakatoa + Bottomless Mags Build (or alternatives)?

Hey all, I hit 53 within the last week. Current setup is basically:

  • Krakatoa (almost 10k dmg/shot)
  • Transformer
  • Green Monster (boosting Scorching RPM, Iron Bank, Click Click)
  • Storm Front
  • Grave relic


  • Almost all of Bottomless Mags (green tree) except Matched Set, Scrappy, Rushin’ Offensive
  • 8 skills from Shield of Retribution (orange tree): Security Bear, Armored Infantry, Thin Red Line, Vladof Ingenuity, Full Can of Whoop, Experimental Munitions, Behind Iron Curtain, Desperate Measures
  • Only using Deadlines from Demolition Woman (blue tree)

The Krakatoa melts everything until Mayhem 4.

I have a TON of other legendary gear including all other legendary COMs. I do not yet have the deathless relic though. :frowning:

Anyone have any thoughts on this idea of a build based on Krakatoa/Bottomless Mags - or any alternatives? It hits so hard on Mayhem 3, but I’m trying to wrap my head around something that will hit even harder on Mayhem 4.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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for starters you should drop deadlines and behind iron curtain and pick up phalanx doctrine
I run something like this when I play with sniper rifles and other non-splash dmg weapons, you can use it as a reference

does your krakatoa have a +50% elemental dmg for 2 mags (or +125% fire) anointment? and do you have +sniper dmg on COM and +mag size on relic? as far as up to true takedown it should melt pretty much everything in M4 as well

and you should probably use something else than grave, like, for example, any Loaded Dice/Otto Idol, or just any snowdrift relic with +44% mag size untill you find something better.

First, thank you for the quick and thoughtful reply!

  1. I repec’d just now and did the swaps you mentioned. TBD on results but I like the change on paper very much.

  2. Krakatoa is not annointed. Will look for those items with the annointments/bonuses you mentioned!

  3. Relic: will look for mag size…I have a Moxxi XP relic with mag size I put on…27 mag size now showing on the Krakatoa…NICE! Question: why Loaded Dice? Is the “luck” stat worth it for anything in particular?

  4. COM/Shield/Nade…what do you think of the Green Monster/Transformer/Storm Front combo? Any annointments/bonus traits in particular I should be looking for on shield/nades?

I assume I should be farming for loot by : particular item, then particular annointments, then particular bonuses?

Thanks again :slight_smile: no rush needed on responding.

OMG…just finished typing my reply…did one Graveward run…damage seems better but almost more importantly…a new Annointed Krakatoa dropped with 100% DMG. Talk about luck wow!

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Loaded Dice is just to help with loot drops. The effect is marginal, so you will want to switch off of it once you have a build that you are comfortable with.

The Transformer is a good all around shield. The Storm Front is okay, but you’re looking for something to strip shields, I’d recommend switching over to a Quasar or Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair when you can, as they both have a much higher base damage. You may also want to farm an “It’s Piss” nade from Sloth in Konrad’s Hold; it has quite a bit of utility in different builds.

The Green Monster is good for builds with rapid fire, non-splash weapons like the Krakatoa, but don’t sleep on legendary Mind Sweeper or purple Marksman class mods.

For relics, you definitely want a Snowdrift for the mobility, but a Last Stand is good too. Just make sure whatever you’re using has the +44% mag size roll.

@roboteconomist actually, I’m not sure if this was already known, but Loaded Dice heals you for 25% of your max healths (what’s left of it after health reserve effect) on kill, pretty much like Otto Idol’s special effect

@scottymoze GM/transformer/storm front is fine, in fact, you can use any grenade mod with this build because you will almost never throw any and it’s only used for the “+50% elemental dmg for 10 secs after action skill end” anointment. Normally I use a +50% corrosive dmg anoint on shield and +50% shock on grenade, but if you don’t need the extra dmg you can choose other shield anoints too. As for loot order, generally I would get weapon first, COM/relic second, then anointed shield/grenade. But sometimes upgrades can come in random order too

Yeah – totally forgot. @scottymoze The only think to keep in mind with the Loaded Dice is that 75% health penalty is applied to Iron Bear as well, so you will only be able to do the hop-in, hop-out playstyle.

This is so awesome. Thanks everyone so much for the info. I played with the skill changes last night and loving it. Now to farm all of this other gear :slight_smile: