Help w/ Raiders of the Last Boss

I could really use some help killing these dumb ass dragons, im sick of spending 20 eridium every time i want to try. was wondering if someone could join my game and help my take these ass goblins out. thanks

psn name is soad740,

What level are you?

only 40, the mission says its “trivial”

I’d be playing with a 66 zero, I wouldn’t mind joining if I’m online the same time as you.

I’m guessing you’re in TVHM. No scaling. As long as you don’t mind me wrecking everything with a lot of overkill. A 26 level difference will make those dragons cry.

i wouldnt mind at all. just send me a friend request and then ill jump on whenever youre available.
im pretty sure that i am in tvhm, they would probably drop some ■■■■■■ items and i really have nothing to offer except funny commentary when you destroy the dragons lol

Meh, not really looking for anything. I’ve been helped by a few people on the forum. Just figured I’d do the same thing down the line.

paying it forward, thats awesome brother, i really appreciate it. ill be working on leveling up in the mean time and bang out some more missions

found your psn from a previous post and i sent you a request.